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Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery

10th September 2017

Do you love homemade cookies? Do you love ice cream? Obviously, you’ve answered “yes” to both because why the hell else would you be reading a food blog?! Well, I have just the place for you in Toronto: Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery where all your ice cream and cookie dreams comes true.

Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery has quickly grown in popularity because – get ready for it – it lets you build your own ice cream sandwich from a selection of unique ice cream flavours and freshly baked cookies!

Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery - Cookies in Shop

I love a place that lets you get creative with your own food by mixing and matching flavours! So what kind of flavours are on offer? Well, in the ice cream category, you’ll see options like burnt toffee, London fog (Earl Grey), cinnamon toast, and totaro (purple yam and coconut). If that’s not enough, what about flavours like avocado, banana puddin’, key lime pie, orange cardamom, peanut butter chocolate, caramel corn, and peanut butter n’ grape jelly? Bang Bang also makes a few vegan varieties, including a chocolate sorbet and coconut milk-based pina colada and vanilla bean ice creams. The flavours are so enticing that I want to list them all! But I’ll stop there for now…

Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery - Ice Cream Flavours

On the cookie front, you are once again treated to a solid flavour selection that’s sure to tease your taste buds. The cookie range typically includes the following options:

  • RoCocoa – chocolate cookie
  • Captain P’nut – salty peanut cookie
  • The Everything – chocolate, pretzels, peanut butter, and oatmeal
  • Oatmeal – date and raisin cookie
  • Ginger – molasses ginger cookie
  • B’day – sugar cookies with sprinkles
  • Almost Everything – gluten free and vegan cookie

Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery - Cookies in Shop

So it’s easy to see why going to Bang Bang is fun – the cookie and ice cream pairings are endless! You can get a half sandwich made with one cookie cut in half and filled with ice cream. Alternatively, you can go for a whole sandwich made with two cookies. If you’re heading to Bang Bang on an empty stomach, you’ll definitely be able to tackle a whole sandwich. Otherwise, the ½ sandwich is pretty sufficient for those wanting to reward their sweet tooth.

They don’t just stop there, oh no. You can also opt to get ice cream inside a choux puff pastry which is topped with a crunchy brown sugar craquelin. Or you might elect the Big Bang Cone – Bang Bang’s version of the Hong Kong waffle cone which can be eaten alone or with ice cream inside. Clearly, you could make multiple visits to Bang Bang and get something different every time! Your pinchables would definitely love that!

Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery - Choux Puff with Ice Cream

Time to tell you what I tried myself! While I was home in Canada for the summer, I visited Bang Bang twice with friends. On the first visit I tried a choux puff filled with London Fog ice cream and a ginger cookie filled with key lime pie ice cream. The London Fog ice cream tasted like a light Earl Grey tea. The tea flavour wasn’t too in your face, but it was there just enough to taste it (which was a good balance in my opinion). The choux puff was buttery and crunchy; a ravenous appetite would be able to devour this with ice cream inside. I, however, found it a bit too rich alongside ice cream. Nonetheless, I’m happy I tried it!

Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery - Ginger cookie with key lime pie ice cream

The ginger cookie sandwich with key lime pie ice cream was the definite winner though. The key lime pie ice cream was refreshing and bursting with lime flavour – perfect for a hot day in Toronto! I really felt like they nailed the flavour in this ice cream and I would 100% get it again. The ginger cookie was undoubtedly fresh and it complemented the key lime pie ice cream really well. This was a stellar combination that I’d recommend to anyone who goes to Bang Bang!

On the second visit, I got the Rococoa double chocolate cookie filled with orange cardamom ice cream. The cookie was abundant in chocolate with a nice soft-to-crunchy ratio. FYI: the longer the ice cream sits on the cookie, the softer the cookie gets. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! On to the orange cardamom ice cream – it was fantastic! I really enjoyed this flavour which balanced the citrus and sweet elements beautifully. It rivalled the key lime pie ice cream for its smooth texture, its rich flavour, and its memorable quality. I highly recommend it!

Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery - Chocolate Cookie and orange cardamom ice cream

All of this is to say that Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery is a Pinchables hit and if you’re in Toronto, it’s very worth a visit. If you time your visit right, you won’t have to wait long to get your hands on an ice cream cookie sandwich. I first visited Bang Bang at around 3pm on a weekday and there was hardly a line up at all. However, expect line ups during peak times like evenings and weekends. The second time, I went on a Saturday at around 8pm and the line up stretched down the road from the shop. The line moves quickly enough, but when you’re anticipating this ice cream, a minute feels like an age!

Sweet ice cream and cookie dreams, my friends. Let me know what flavour combinations you create at Bang Bang!


  • Cash & credit only.
  • Peak times are evenings from 7pm.







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