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Bez Burger

25th July 2018

Bez, Bez, Bez Burger. What a place! Although this is the only food stop in Zadar that I can recommend to you, rest assured, it’s the only food stop you’ll need!

Bez Burger was on my “to eat” list and it was so damn good that I went there two days in a row! After a morning of exploring the sights in Zadar, my travel companions and I stopped into Bez Burger for lunch. The restaurant has very little seating inside, but there is a large outdoor patio covered with umbrellas. Due to all the walking and sunshine, we were craving not only a hearty meal, but also some reprieve from the sun!

Bez Burger - Menu

Bez Burger - Lemonade

Our first order of business: cold beverages. We ordered the homemade lemonade which came served in mason jar glasses. Taking our first sip brought us relief and surprise. This isn’t your typical loaded-with-sugar sweet lemonade. Nah, this is the opposite: tart, tangy, and refreshing. The flavour of the lemon was real – in your face – but real. However, it wasn’t so tart that we didn’t enjoy it. In fact, the more we drank it, the more we liked it! Perfect for a hot July day!

Bez Burger - Cheeseburger Interior

Our second order of business: food. We each ordered a burger and between the three of us we shared a portion of sweet potato fries and regular fries. I opted for the cheeseburger which comes with cheddar cheese, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, and “Bez sauce” (their homemade concoction), but I also added bacon and caramelized onions (because holidayyyyssssss). When the burger arrived, it was pleasantly poked with a Croatian flag. I couldn’t help but appreciate this really cute element of décor.

Bez Burger - Cheeseburger Interior

Before taking my first bite, I had NO idea what an immense flavour experience I was in for. Holy mother of beef, this burger was INSANE! I couldn’t believe how good it was; I was properly stunned. Every bite was a taste of heaven! The beef patty was juicy, thick, and flavourful. The toppings were plentiful, the bacon was salty, the cheese melty, and the Bez sauce was deliciously smooth, though not overpowering. The brioche bun was incredibly soft and light, but it passed the test of holding the abundance of burger fillings. I dream of this burger regularly and editing these photos made me crave Bez SO MUCH! My words can’t do this burger justice, but all you need to know is that it’s amazing and you should 100% get one, two, nay three when in Zadar!

Bez Burger - FriesBez Burger - CheeseburgerBez Burger - Sweet Potato FriesThe fries, much like the burger, did not disappoint. They were served in fair sized portions, crispy (but not burnt), and wonderfully seasoned. I can’t stand when fries lack seasoning – it’s so easy to do! Thankfully, Bez has a good relationship with spices. Bez Burger also offers a selection of sauces to go with the fries and we picked three: chilli ketchup, chipotle mayo, and aioli. Other options were Bez sauce, BBQ sauce, sweet chilli, and sour cream. These sauces were a hit! The ketchup featured a smoky and lightly spicy flavour, while the aioli was sufficiently garlicky and the chipotle mayo paired with the sweet potato fries really well. Though the fries were tasty on their own, the sauces added another element to these crunchy sticks!

Bez Burger - Strawberry Mascarpone Dessert

Our third order of business: dessert. After our immensely satisfying meal, the waitress asked if we wanted dessert and I couldn’t resist when she said that it was a strawberry mascarpone treat. BRING IT! My companions were too weak to stomach dessert, but the waitress very sweetly (read: naively) brought extra spoons for sharing. The dessert was smooth, creamy, light, topped with strawberries, and layered with a sponge cake at the bottom. In other words, it was the ideal treat after the heavy indulgence of a cheeseburger and fries.

Bez Burger - Crispy Chicken BurgerBez Burger - Goat Cheese Salad

We all left Bez Burger full and happy, which is why the next day we returned for dinner after exploring the nearby Plitvice Lakes National Park (which is beautiful, by the way). This time, my sister and I shared two dishes. The crispy chicken burger was accompanied with sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and Bez sauce. The flavours came together really well, the chicken patty was crunchy, and I love that Bez doesn’t shy away from loading their burgers with toppings and sauce. As you can see from the picture, this burger was undoubtedly saucy. The goat cheese salad came with beetroot, walnuts, homemade dressing, and best of all, a large slab of honey grilled goat cheese. Let’s just say the cheese portion was generous and I devoured it all. Much like our experience the day before, these dishes were delicious!

 Bez Burger - Fries and AioliBez Burger - LemonadeBez Burger - Strawberry Mascarpone DessertBez, Bez, Bez Burger. What a place! I’m a little obsessed with it. We loved it so much that we named our rental car “Bez” in honour of the most delicious burgers in the land! Bez Burger, I hope to meet you and eat you again one day. Until then, keep killing the burger game!





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