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Casa e Bottega

7th October 2017

Oh, Positano… How I miss your luscious lemons, fresh basil, juicy, flavourful Vesuvian tomatoes, mozzarella, and saying Ciaooooo day in and day out. Ahh and I love how the Italians always use fresh sweet basil in their salads — Buonissimo!

Upon returning to France, I puttered around my kitchen in an attempt to make a caprese salad. But alas, the tomatoes here don’t exactly thrive on volcanic soil! There was one particular tomato salad that started to haunt my pinchables longingly… It came from the lovely, Casa e Bottega.

On my last day in the Amalfi Coast, a friend and I decided to check out Casa e Bottega for a lighter and healthier lunch in lieu of our usual pasta and pizza fare (not that we were complaining :P). And how Casa e Bottega delivered!

    A brisk 5 minute walk from Positano’s town centre, Casa e Bottega is cosy and resplendent in hues of the sea from their lovely selection of kitchen and decor ceramics.

    We had arrived around 1pm and it was buzzing with the lunch crowd in full force. With no prior reservations, we got lucky and merely waited for a couple of minutes before being seated to our own table.

The ladies that work there are a mix of young and old, all of them were zipping in and out of the kitchen like busy bees! Finally, we managed to catch the attention of our server and got down to pinchables business. ????

Casa e Bottega boasts a menu of mostly organic, locally sourced produce. There weren’t many vegan options on the menu, but if you kindly ask the servers, they could surely accommodate. ????

The both of us were quite famished, you could say our eyes were bigger than our stomachs and we wanted so badly to order everything off the menu… Seeing as everything on the menu sounded so delicious!

There aren’t many juice options, but we were spoiled for choice with the smoothie list. The only thing was that most of the smoothies weren’t available by the time we got there. It seems that they have their smoothies already prepared, ready to go, and displayed behind their cake display.

The Beetroot Ginger is as it’s called: extremely gingery and beety with an addition of lemon and apple juice. The Orange Flowers smoothie has melon, peach, carrot, orange juice, and ginger. If you’re a fan of carrot juice then this one’s for you! Personally, I would have preferred it as a juice instead.

Now, look at this vibrant tomato salad! ‘Insalata di quattro pomodori con mozzarella di bufala, fiordilatte e burrata’ (a salad with 4 types of tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, fiordilatte cheese, and burrata). It was such a light salad despite the mix of different cheeses in it. What tomato salad dreams are made of… To me at least. 😉

The first picture at the very top is the ‘Insalata di pollo, fagiolini, pomodoro, rucola e avocado’ (chicken salad with green beans, pomodoro tomatoes, arugula, and avocado). At first glance, you wouldn’t expect the chicken breast to taste so flavourful! It tasted as if it were boiled in a chicken broth to give it that extra oomph; it was so moist and tender! LOVED this!

Lastly, we also got the Vegano panini that was served with a mischievously delicious side of marinated eggplant. The panini consisted of tomatoes, cucumber, Sorrento nuts, lettuce, and avocado. Simple it may sound, yet this panini was nothing short of delizisooooo!

    Before we had put in our order, we longingly gazed at the ice cream waffle sandwich at the next table and smugly told ourselves, “Oh yeah, that’s the one, baby.” Two smoothies and three mains later… We humbly accepted defeat and ordered the ‘Vaniglia affogato al caffè, panna e croccante di mandorle’ (vanilla ice cream affogato with espresso coffee, whipped cream, and shaved almonds). My pinchables always have extra room for dessert. ????

When we received our bill, I asked the manager if it’d be okay to take pictures of the restaurant and he kindly obliged. He explained to me that his mother, Tanina Vanacore, ran the show. Apart from serving delightful and nutritious food, she was also the brains behind all the ceramic designs at Casa e Bottega. Tanina personally designs all the ceramics displayed in the restaurant and they are produced by a trusted ceramic artist. Most of their decor on display is available for purchase in the front section of the restaurant. Be warned, everything at Casa e Bottega is stunning!

    At the end of everyone’s meals, Tanina graciously drops by to check in. She left me with a signed copy of her cookbook, Tanina’s kitchen diary. Lucky me got to bring home a piece of Positano and its local recipes with me! Through her book, I find out later that she is also the owner of the restaurant, Next2, just up the road from Casa e Bottega. If Casa e Bottega is any indication, Tanina and her family sure know hospitality and how to serve quality food. Next trip it is!

May The Pinchables Be With You,


Location: Viale Pasitea, 100,  84017, Positano SA, Italy.



Hours: Monday to Sunday 9am – 4pm

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