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Chez Lorenzi (La Cabane Fabrice Lorenzi)

8th April 2017

I love me some oysters. Silky, smooth, juicy, and slurpalicious! And boy, there happens to be an abundance of these puppies in good ol’ France.

Right by the Tour du Lac in Hossegor, you can find a stretch of oyster shacks or “cabanes ostréicoles” to be discovered and ravished!

Imagine this: the sun is out, you’re holding a glass of chilled white wine, a platter of freshly shucked oysters are laid right before you, and the river is making love to your eyes — perfection ever so slyly exists.

A couple of Sundays back, I met up with some friends at “La Cabane” Fabrice Lorenzi or as the locals call it, Chez Lorenzi. Run by Monsieur Victor in his well worn beret and staff, he is reputable amongst his patrons as you can constantly hear his name being shouted across tables amid the lively banter.

Monsieur Victor politely informed me that the shack was built 19 years ago, but they had only started their ‘dégustation’ business 9 years prior.

The fine de claire oysters are cultured from Marennes-Oléron, the oyster farming capital in the south west of France. They are known to be less fleshy, but juicy with a good salt balance.

The appellation of fine de claire is earned by the maturing of oysters in a shallow seawater basin (claire) that contains a balance of fresh water and seawater. The oysters are classified by the amount of time they were matured in the basin with a maximum limit on the number of oysters per square meter. The sizes range from 0-5, 0 being the largest and 5 the smallest.

• Size 0 – 1: Mainly sold for festive occasions

• Size 2 – 3: the most requested for its price/quality

• Size 4 – 5: the less commercialized for degustation, they are generally used for the industry

At Chez Lorenzi, you have the choice of choosing these fine de claire oysters from sizes 1 to 3.

My friends and I happily ordered some 2s and 3s accompanied by a lovely bottle of Villa Chamber d’Amour Lionel Osmin 2016. Refreshing and uncloyingly sweet, this beautiful concoction of Gros Manseng and Sauvignon Blanc washed down our silky oysters impeccably. ????????

It is also possible to order platters of Spanish ham, shrimp, snails and rillettes (a spread made of pork belly or pork shoulder).

Located ever so conveniently in front of the river, this little oyster shack is the perfect place to be where you can indulge in an oyster love affair without breaking the bank. ????????

Till our next meal together,


Location : Avenue du Tour du Lac, 40510 Soort-Hossegor

Contact number : +33681690430

Tips :

  • Cash only
  • You can purchase boxes of oysters to go, they can be purchased shucked at a small fee

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