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1st September 2018

If you’ve been to Toronto, you’ll know that it’s a big city with a vibrant collection of neighbourhoods to explore. In each neighbourhood, there is a vast array of cultural and culinary gems that offer locals (and visitors) a special taste experience. One place to put on your radar is Craig’s Cookies, a small shop in the Parkdale neighbourhood that makes some of the best cookies in Toronto.

Every summer when I return home to the Greater Toronto Area, I have at least one Toronto Food Day: a day when I go to downtown Toronto with the explicit aim of finding and trying new food hot spots. It’s become something of a tradition and a delicious one at that!

During Toronto Food Day 2018, I wanted to pay Craig’s Cookies a visit because I’d heard that the cookies were top notch. If you can’t already tell from previous posts (e.g. ice cream sandwiches in Toronto, donuts in Berlin, tiramisu in Rome), I have a MASSIVE sweet tooth. I’m the kind of person that always needs to cap a meal with a dessert. FYI: it’s been horrendous for my waistline. Since Toronto Food Day is a special and sacred occasion, the cookie hunt was on.

Craig’s Cookies is located on Queen Street West, almost at the very end of this well known and lengthy street that stretches across the heart of the city. If you’re visiting Toronto, you’ll likely have to plan to be out in this direction, but the Parkdale and Roncesvalles areas have plenty to offer! The shop itself is quite small, mainly a take-away affair, but there are two small benches outside if you wish to sit and savour your cookies (which you will!). Upon entering the shop, you are instantly greeted by a cookie counter which holds the delicious selection of the day. The range of cookie flavours on offer is mouth-watering… it’s almost like Craig wants to make your choice difficult OR it’s just a smart marketing ploy because you’ll want to buy one of every flavour. So cheeky Craig, so cheeky.

 Craig’s Cookies specializes in making a classic chocolate chip cookie base. It’s the chocolate chip cookie we all want to produce in our own kitchens: soft, buttery, sweet, and indulgent. They have clearly set the goal of creating the ideal cookie base and I’d say that they’ve achieved it (they use a family recipe after all!). Perfecting the base was key to their concept because the other cookie flavours combine the base with a famous confectionary treat. For example, when I visited, the cookie range included Ferrero Rocher, Oreo, Twix, Snickers, Peppermint Patty, Aero, Peanut Butter Cup, Mars, Brownie, Classic, and Pride (colourful chips).

The selection is oh so tempting as is the smell in the shop. When in front of the cookie counter, it really is difficult to pick a small selection because they all beg to be eaten! I love the idea of a chunk of Bounty smashed into a chocolate chip cookie or a homemade brownie wrapped in cookie dough. Side note: I learned that the brownies are made locally by a nearby baker, so the brownie cookie boasts an added homemade bonus.

 My original plan was to buy two cookies to take away ($3 each / 2 for $5), but the staff quite easily convinced me to get six for $15. Realistically, I’d likely want more than two anyways and I should probably share the cookie love with my family (#pinchableslove). I opted for one each of Bounty, Brownie, Peanut Butter Cup, Snickers, Ferrero Rocher, and Classic. I waited until I was home to try the cookies and oh my, they were fantastic! With each bite, I tasted the fusion of buttery base and chocolate treat, which made for an all-star cookie. My favourites were Bounty, Snickers, and Brownie, but they all satisfied the cookie monster that I am at heart. I’ll admit that I’d struggle to eat more than two or three in a sitting since they are wonderfully rich, but they are worth the impending sugar rush!

Craig's Cookies - Brownie Cookie

Craig’s Cookies also offers a few additional treats like ice cream sandwiches, a milk and cookie combo, milk shots, and coffee. It’s our childhood treat dreams come true! Over the years, Craig’s Cookies has garnered a following in Toronto and after trying the cookies, I understand why. All of this is to say that if you’re craving the perfect homemade cookie in Toronto, Craig’s Cookies has your back. Just don’t go in there expecting to get one or two. Go big or go home: get a half dozen or even the full dozen. They didn’t last long in my household and they won’t last long in yours.






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