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15th December 2017

Eathos is a place that I can’t get out of my head. I recently spent a weekend in Dublin and my brunch at Eathos was the highlight meal. I’ll be honest, I fell in love with the place the second I walked in.

First you should know that Eathos isn’t located in Dublin’s tourist hub. It’s actually a 30 minute walk away from the central sights. But don’t let this deter you. I assure you that it’s worth the effort to trek a bit further out of town.

Eathos - Passion fruit tartsI went for Saturday brunch and the place was packed. When I arrived with a friend, there was a short line of people waiting for a table and I noticed during my time there that this line was continuous. Two people would be seated and another two would walk in. There was a constant flow of brunch-goers who were eager to feast on the goods.

Eathos is a popular eatery and for very good reason: everything will tempt you to break any diet you may have set for yourself. The first thing you’ll notice when you arrive at Eathos is the window display of beautiful cakes and desserts. It’s impressive! The selection is varied, colourful, and mouth watering. Looking at the display is literal eye candy. My sweet tooth was immediately seduced and I was excited for dessert before even looking at the brunch menu.

Eathos - Raspberry lemon friands

About that brunch menu… it’s a damn masterpiece. An actual model of menu perfection. Everything – literally everything – on the menu spoke to my appetite and to my soul.  I’ve never seen such a desirable menu in my life! Near the entrance, there is also counter with big bowls of bright, vibrant, and incredibly appetizing salads. Much like the dessert display, they too were a visual treat!

Eathos - Salad selection

Time to make a brunch decision. Should I get the Moroccan eggs with chorizo, tomato, zaatar, chickpeas, harissa and sesame flatbread? Or should I get the Eathos hash brown served with balsamic creamed wild mushrooms, braised chicken sausage, caramelised shallot, fried egg, and winter truffle? But wait, there’s also the brioche French toast with pistachio, salted caramel, fresh banana, and coconut whip! I do love brioche. No, no, there’s a sesame crusted sweet potato and pumpkin cake with wilted spinach, mushrooms, pan fried halloumi, house made beetroom hummus, toasted seeds, and balsamic reduction. Surely I shouldn’t pass up a pumpkin dish. What do I choose? How am I supposed to pick just one?! I want them ALL!

Eathos - Dessert display Eathos - Raspberry pistachio tartsEathos - Dessert selection By the way, that’s a glimpse into my thought process while I browsed the menu. I was stuck. I had no idea what to choose so there was only one solution: my friend chose for me. On my behalf, he ordered the Eathos hash brown. I don’t normally entrust my food fate in other peoples’ hands, but I have no regrets with this one. The dish was amazing! The hash browns were served in the shape of a disk, with the wild mushrooms and two fried eggs on top. The mushrooms were flavourful and the eggs were fried to perfection with a silky yolk spill. The braised chicken was served beside the hash brown and stuffed with more balsamic mushrooms. I can’t even explain how good this whole dish was. It genuinely blew me away.

Eathos - Hash brown brunch

My friend opted for the Eathos Bunny Chow – a full Irish breakfast plate with black pudding, sumac egg, crispy bacon, organic sausage and homemade smokey herb baked beans. It was a typical breakfast dish, but with an atypical presentation. My friend was kind enough to let me taste the different foods on the plate (thank you! What a legend!). I really liked the black pudding and the sausage and it quickly became clear that Eathos values high quality ingredients and rich flavours.

Eathos - Irish breakfast

Though we were sufficiently stuffed, there was NO chance that I was going to leave Eathos without sampling some of the desserts. That would be criminal. Stomach space or not, I was getting something sweet! Thankfully, my friend was up for sharing a few desserts. Sharing is caring, after all. We opted for a raspberry pistachio tart and a peanut butter s’more. The raspberry tart was beautifully made with a light, but flavourful custard. Moreover, the tart shell was made with a chocolate base which enhanced this dessert even more.

Eathos - Peanut butter smores

The peanut butter s’more was a light affair, but no less delicious. The shortbread biscuits were buttery and crunchy, while the marshmallow filling was smooth and fluffy. As someone who has previously worked in a handmade marshmallow shop, I have a good sense of what fresh marshmallows should be like. I can safely say that the marshmallow filling in this s’more was expertly made. Both desserts were a hit and I only wish I could have sampled more of the sweet treats. I did buy a bag of Eathos biscotti to take back to Edinburgh and I can confirm that they were great. Another point for Eathos.

Eathos - Flat white Eathos - Baked flansNeedless to say, Eathos impressed me and it’s a Pinchables favourite. The coffee, the brunch, and the desserts were all outstanding. If you’re in Dublin, take my recommendation and prioritize a visit to Eathos. I’m 100% certain that no matter what you order, it will be unforgettably delicious.

Website: http://eathosdublin.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eathosdublin/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eathosdublin/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/eathosDublin


  • Closed on Sundays.
  • Eathos is very busy so be prepared to wait, but they turn tables fast.
  • It’s worth the wait, I promise!


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