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Endzior Mini-Bar

4th November 2017

One of the many advantages of travelling is discovering local street food. I love seeing what different cities have to offer in the realm of inexpensive-but-delicious eats.  If you’re in Krakow, a must-try street food is zapiekanki – an open face baguette traditionally topped with mushrooms and cheese and then toasted. However, a number of places now jazz them up with additional toppings. So where can you go for a reliable zapiekanki experience? My recommendation is Endzior!

Endzior - Plac Nowy

In Kazimierz – Krakow’s historic Jewish district – there is a central hub for zapiekanki. Plac Nowy (meaning “New Square”) was formerly the primary marketplace of the Jewish quarter and it now houses a variety of zapiekanki vendors. A large rotunda in the middle of the square is where you’ll find several windows serving up their own menu of zapiekanki.

Endzior - spinach zapiekankiWhile doing my food research, Endzior was regularly cited as a fan-favourite for zapiekanki so I was eager to try it for myself. First of all, if you don’t see someone behind the window to take your order, don’t stress about it. This seems to be a one-person show so the zapiekanki maker is simply behind the scenes preparing the zapiekanki.

You’ll be relieved to know that the menu has English captions. All the zapiekanki at Endzior are made with a base of cheese and mushrooms plus whatever topping combination you choose. Examples of zapiekanki toppings are salami, ham, bacon, chicken, sausage, corn, fried onions, chives, and olives. Several sauce options allow you to further personalize your zapiekanki: garlic sauce, mayo, spicy sauce, dill sauce, BBQ sauce, and ketchup.

Endzior - pickle and cheese zapiekanki

On the way to a walking tour of the Jewish quarter, I stopped into Endzior with some fellow travellers for a quick bite. Thankfully, my new Australian compadre was up for splitting a zapiekanki because we saw how big they were. You can ask the staff cut it in half for you in order to making sharing easier. We opted for a classic mushroom and cheese zapiekanki with pickles. The bread was fresh and crunchy, but not hard to chew. The toppings were warm as they were freshly assembled, and if we had more time, we might have even tried to go back for another. But alas, our walking tour awaited. After seeing the zapiekanki of the group in front of us, I was eager to come back to try more flavours.

Endzior - double zapiekankiI returned the next day, this time with a traveller from New Zealand who was happy to come along for a foodie trip. We decided to share two flavours because that’s always the best way to eat! More flavours = more variety = everyone wins! We chose a spinach zapiekanki with garlic sauce and a chicken, cheese, cranberry, and corn zapiekanki with BBQ sauce. Both looked fantastic! We instantly knew that we had made excellent choices. I mean, I feel like the pictures do a lot of the talking here!

Endzior - double zapiekanki

I really loved both of these flavour combinations (more than the standard mushroom and cheese one) and I highly recommend both! Shout out to Chris for patiently letting me photograph the zapiekanki! As a side note, he agreed that they were on point. Lots of Endzior love all around! I should also add that almost all the zapiekanki on the menu are under 10 złoty (that’s roughly 2.30€, £2.10, and $3.50 Canadian), which makes them incredibly affordable!

Endzior - chicken and corn zapiekanki

On both occasions, I visited Endzior on a weekday afternoon so there wasn’t much of a wait. But I hear that late at night, patrons from the nearby bars congregate at Plac Nowy and a massive line snakes out from the Endzior window. If you’re planning on going drinking at one of the many bars in the area, then definitely make Endzior your pre- or post- drinking food stop! I promise that it’ll hit the spot! And if you’re simply exploring the Jewish quarter, make sure to stop at Endzior for this inexpensive, flavourful, and carby local bite. Your tastebuds will be grateful!



  • Cash only.
  • Make sure to get a sauce for extra flavour.
  • Portions are large so sharing is caring.


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