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West of Tallinn’s old town there is a small complex known as Telliskivi Creative City and that’s where you’ll find F-hoone. Telliskivi is a former factory revamped into an artistic and creative hub. The reclaimed stone buildings, characterized by street art, now serve as a home for cafés, restaurants, small boutiques, and even an antique book store.

If you’re exploring Telliskivi and your stomach grumbles, F-hoone can be your lunch, coffee or dinner destination. Located in a 100 year old building, F-hoone is a large space with plenty of tables and a varied menu. Starters include bruschetta, panko fried shrimp, and charcuterie/cheese platters. Meanwhile, the selection of mains is enticing with options like falafel salad, mutton dumplings, lamb meatballs, shrimp pasta, grilled salmon, and a vegan furger (burger).

I visited on a Monday at about 2pm so I thought I had conveniently missed the lunch rush, but I was very wrong. The restaurant was packed and buzzing! I was shocked by the popularity of the place because you wouldn’t expect it based on its not-so-central location. I have to say that the volume of diners did impact the quality of the service though. There didn’t seem to be enough staff to cope with all the tables or much of a system for managing it either. Although I was seated quickly, it took an excessively long time for someone to notice me and take my order. However, when I passed by F-hoone later in the day at around 4pm, it was much quieter so I suppose you just have to get the timing right here.

As it was a fairly cold and very rainy day, I was looking for something to warm me up. I opted for the pumpkin puree soup with almond milk and ginger and the grilled goat cheese with baked pumpkin, apple-chilli chutney, pine nuts, and honey balsamic glaze. I very much enjoyed both dishes and quickly understood why the restaurant was so busy. The prices are also completely reasonable too, which adds to F-hoone’s appeal and explains why it was full of locals and visitors on a Monday afternoon.

F-hoone is worth checking out for a bite to eat at Telliskivi, and while there you should absolutely visit Chocokoo for truly exceptional handmade chocolates!

Address: Telliskivi 60


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