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Juno the Bakery

18th October 2018

When I think of Denmark, I think of beautiful fresh pastries playfully speckled with cinnamon and cardamom. Naturally, while planning my first trip to the country, I dedicated a healthy amount of time to researching the best bakeries in Copenhagen. It would be criminal to travel to the Danish capital without local bakeries featuring prominently in my day plans so I’m pleased to introduce you to Juno the Bakery.

Juno the Bakery popped up during my food research and I instantly knew I had to go there. The relatively new bakery (opened in November 2017) has very quickly become famous in the city for its expertly-made baked goods. The bakery is owned by Swedish-born Emil Glaser, who formerly worked at the Michelin star restaurant Noma for 6 years, and his Danish partner Nina.

The bakery is located in Østerbro, a neighbourhood north of the city centre. Because of its location, you won’t haphazardly stumble upon Juno the Bakery. You’ll need to make an explicit effort to venture out in its direction, but I promise that you’ll be glad you did.

I visited Juno the Bakery on a Sunday morning during my short 3 day visit to Copenhagen. My lovely friend Ryan navigated us to Østerbro by bike and as we made our way there, I thought to myself, “This bakery is in a cute residential neighbourhood away from the city centre, how busy can it be?”. Well, to my very naïve surprise, there was a long line up streaming out of the bakery door when I arrived by 10:30am. The word on the street is that there’s a line up here at any time of day…

But of course I was going to wait in line! The smell of freshly baked bread wafting out of the bakery was enticing enough to keep even a sceptic in line. On this sunny Sunday morning, there was a coffee stand at the entrance of the bakery to keep patrons happy with caffeine while they waited in line. Wise plan!

 The wait lasted roughly 15 minutes, which I hear is standard. The wait makes the pay off greater though, right? When we finally got through the door, I was so very excited to see all the pastries and breads on offer. Everything – and I mean everything – looked amazing! I wanted it ALL! In the bakery, you can also see the bakers at work, and they have a steady flow of treats going into the oven and being pulled out to cool. These guys know the demand and they’re keeping up with it!

On the counter tops, there were trays of fresh æbletærte (apple hazelnut tarts), æble croissants (apple croissants), pear and pistachio tarts, chocolate tarts, croissants, almond croissants, and their famed kardemomme snurre (cardamom knots). The selection of fresh loaves of bread and smaller buns was also captivating. I couldn’t leave the bakery without also ordering bread. We bought a loaf of their classic sourdough bread, a cardamom knot for each of us, an apple croissant and an apple tart.

Juno the Bakery doesn’t have much indoor seating, just a small window bar with enough space for 2 people, but there’s also an outdoor bench which can accommodate more people. We were able to sit at the window to enjoy our treats and let me tell you, the pastries were INCREDIBLE. The apple tart boasted a soft crust, a smooth hazelnut filling, and thin slices of apple to decorate the top. It was fantastic! Would 100% eat this again!

Now onto the cardamom knot. It was stunning! I’m not exaggerating when I say that it was the best cardamom knot I’ve had in my life and perhaps even the best sweet bun I’ve ever had. The bread was soft and seamlessly sweet, with a very evident flavour of cardamom. The dough held itself together, but it was also so fresh that it delicately tore apart with each bite and it somehow seemed to melt in my mouth. I was instantly in love with this bun and I regretted not buying two for myself! How could I be so silly? Why wouldn’t I buy two, three or more?! The line up was still long so I couldn’t make Ryan wait in line again to get more… Food does dictate my agenda, but I’m not so heartless as to make others wait on my whims too!

We took the sourdough loaf away to have with dinner that night and we both couldn’t wait to dig in to it (ps. thanks Ryan for not snacking on it until I got a picture!). The bread was perfection – a crunchy outer crust coated in sesame seeds with a chewy inner crumb. Perfect for eating with soup or dipping in oil. I couldn’t get enough of this bread and I can only imagine that their traditional Danish rye bread is amazing too.

All in all, Juno the Bakery is an exceptional food stop in Copenhagen! The baked goods are high quality and the cardamom knot is truly outstanding. I’m genuinely impressed by everything I ate, which is why this is my first Copenhagen blog post. If ever I return to Copenhagen, I will 100% queue at Juno the Bakery again… Except next time, I’ll buy one of everything and at least 3 cardamom knots for myself!


  • The bakery is closed Monday and Tuesday.
  • Opening hours are Wednesday to Saturday 7:30am – 6:00pm and Sunday 9:00am – 3:00pm.
  • There will be a line up, but it will be worth the wait.
  • Get more than one cardamom bun for yourself!




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