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Mad & Kaffe

21st March 2019

The breakfast at Mad & Kaffe absolutely blew me away. The end. Blog post, done. K bye.

To be fair, the food was so memorable that I could probably let the photos do the talking and stop the blog post here. But alas, what kind of food blogger would I be to not tell you a thing?! As good as the photos are, I’d be doing this place a disservice by not giving any insight into the fabulous flavours and quality.

Mad Og Kaffe - Avocado and Beetroot Hummus

Mad Og Kaffe - Rhubarb with Shortbread

Mad & Kaffe (which translates as food and coffee) is extremely popular in Copenhagen among locals and visitors alike. All three locations open at 8:30am and though I arrived at the Vesterbro restaurant on a Monday morning before 9am, the place was already packed. Because it was a lightly chilly morning, the indoor seating area was full, but I had my pick of outdoor tables which suited me just fine. However, it didn’t take long for the outdoor tables to be claimed by other eager brunch-goers. If you arrive after 9am on a weekday, expect a short wait. And if you visit on a weekend, expect an even longer wait. But here’s why it’s worth it…

Mad Og Kaffe - Chai LatteMad Og Kaffe - MenuMad Og Kaffe - Ginger ShotBreakfast at Mad & Kaffe is based on a build-your-own-meal concept. You are given a card not unlike a multiple choice colour-in-the-bubble test, except this is the best kind of test because all the options are spectacular breakfast dishes. Incidentally, it might also be the hardest test you complete because the options are tantalizing. The menu prompts you to pick 3, 5 or 7 dishes and let me tell you, it’s hard to narrow down the menu. But the good news is that there are NO wrong answers here. Every choice is ultimately a win.

Mad Og Kaffe - Scrambled Eggs

So what’s on the menu? The dishes are separated into 5 categories: greens, dairy, bakery, meat & fish, and treat of the day. You can choose any combination of plates from the 5 categories and you can even choose the same plate more than once. The greens category included light and healthy dishes such as a pineapple, pomegranate, spring onion, coconut, and hazelnut salad. As you’d expect, yogurt with muesli, cream cheese on bread, and local cheese with compote featured in the dairy category. In the bakery division, the menu offered homemade breads with organic butter, organic croissants, and cinnamon buns. The fish and meat section included fried bacon, smoked salmon, and even a chicken nugget with sweet and sour sauce. Finally, the treat section tempted me with a dark chocolate brownie and a unique plate of Danish “beer bread” with whipped cream and violet sugar.

Mad Og Kaffe - Breakfast BoardIt’s easy to see that the menu would stump even the most expert of foodies (yours truly included). Really, I needed Lili there with me so that we could order 10 different plates to sample them all! Though I considered getting the 7 plate option, I didn’t want to overestimate my stomach capacity and so I settled for 5 plates instead. The staff said that if I wanted, I could order 5 plates first and order another 2 afterward. Good plan. I’ll keep that card in my back pocket. My strategy was to try a spread of dishes with a range of flavours and ingredients. My final menu consisted of the following:

  • Avocado with beetroot hummus, almonds, chili oil and herbs
  • Organic Vesterhavs cheese with fig and pear compote
  • Scrambled eggs with chives and fried champignons
  • Fried beef chorizo sausage with sweet mustard dip
  • Stewed rhubarb, custard foam and homemade shortbread.

Mad Og Kaffe - Custard Foam on Rhubarb

While I waited for my food, I enjoyed a ginger shot and a spicy chai latte. I don’t know what their secret is, but the chai latte was perfection. It was equal parts spiced and sweet, just the perfect blend of chai flavour in a smooth and creamy elixir. Mad & Kaffe, tell me your tricks so I can recreate this!

Mad Og Kaffe - Breakfast BoardMad Og Kaffe - CheeseMad Og Kaffe - Avocado and Beetroot HummusIt didn’t take long at all for my breakfast board to arrive and when it did, I was impressed. The composition of plates was vibrant, colourful, and oh so photogenic. I enjoyed snapping shots of the beautifully composed plates, but I did make an effort to be quick so that I could dig in asap! Everything, and I mean everything, was fantastic. I was on cloud 9 with every single bite because Mad & Kaffe clearly pride themselves on flavour as much as they do on presentation.

Mad Og Kaffe - Chorizo

Here’s a quick rundown of my dishes:

  • Avocado with beetroot hummus is a stellar combo and healthy af. They nailed it.
  • The organic cheese was fresh, moreish, and the fig pear compote was divine. Can I get this by the jar please?
  • The scrambled eggs were perfection in terms of texture and flavour. Nothing dull about this dish. Gimme, gimme, gimme more. Also, can my homemade scrambled eggs be like this all the time?
  • Chorizo, what’s not to love? Juicy, succulent, the mustard dip complemented the sausages so well. 10/10.
  • The stewed rhubarb treat was a homerun. The rhubarb, custard and shortbread were a trifecta of deliciousness. The perfect way to end on a sweet note. Loved it.

It may not look it at first, but the 5 dishes were filling and I couldn’t handle an order of 2 more plates. If you’re looking for a light breakfast, choose 3. If you have a big appetite, choose 7. Otherwise, I suspect that 5 plates will satisfy most appetites.

Mad Og Kaffe - Fig & Pear Compote

Bottom line: can I sign up for the Mad & Kaffe school of badass cookery? I loved everything and I’m jealous of Copenhagen’s residents who have this food hub on their door step! I fully understand why this place is busy all the time; they have a reputation for aesthetically and taste-bud pleasing food and it’s very well earned. Surely this is enough to convince you that Mad & Kaffe should be on your Copenhagen hit list (alongside Leckerbaer and Juno the Bakery). I will 100% re-visit if I find myself in the gorgeous, hygge city of Copenhagen again in the future. Until then, I’ll keep trying to replicate all of Mad & Kaffe’s dishes!


  • All 3 locations open daily from 8:30am. Arrive early to avoid a wait.
  • No reservations.
  • Share, share, share to try more, more, more.





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