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Meat & Go

27th November 2017

Do you like succulent, fall-apart, slow-cooked meat? Do you like sandwiches? Do you like succulent, fall-apart, slow-cooked meat in sandwiches? Read on then.

Meat & Go is where I had my last dinner in Poland and it was a foodie home-run. The online reviews about this eatery are brimming with meaty satisfaction and my review is no different. Meat & Go is a must-visit when in Krakow.

Meat & Go - Menu

Although doing food research before a trip can be time consuming (I actually spend hours doing it), it really does pay off. The primary benefit of this research is finding food establishments that you would never have found otherwise. Places that are away from the tourist hustle and bustle, off the beaten path, and known largely to locals. Meat & Go is one of these places. It’s so hidden that you can’t even see it from the surrounding streets! You need to enter a complex known as Tytano, a former tobacco factory, to get to it.

Meat & Go - Interior

Located west of Krakow’s Old Town, this newly reinvigorated industrial complex houses a variety of bars and restaurants frequented by young, trendy, and hungry locals. As a visitor to Krakow, you need to purposefully seek it out and that’s exactly what I did with a few fellow travellers. It was my last night in Poland and I wanted to leave on a delicious note.

From the outside, Meat & Go looks unassuming, almost abandoned. Apart from the sign above the door, you wouldn’t even suspect it to be a restaurant. But push through that door and you’ll never look back.

Meat & Go - Pickled Veg

The menu at Meat & Go is simple, straight-forward, and predictably meaty. Though the menu is small, it is certainly impressive. Here’s a sample:

  • Porchetta ciabatta with sun-dried tomatoes, lamb’s lettuce, caramelised onions, and demi-glace (stock sauce).
  • Jerk pork ciabatta with jerk sauce, orange, raisins, and smoked prunes.
  • Slow-roast pulled pork ciabatta with coleslaw, demi-glace, and house barbecue sauce.
  • Pork belly ribs served with bread and Hungarian pickles.
  • Goose breast ciabatta with pickles and Reinette du Canada (apples).
  • Reuben sandwich with pastrami, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and a Russian dressing.
  • Ox Tongue ciabattaa with pickled beetroot, horseradish, and Polish grey sauce.

All the flavour combinations are intensely appealing and for this reason, I recommend coming to Meat & Go with someone who is happy to share food with you. Remember, food friends are the best friends!

Meat & Go - Regional Porchetta

I opted for the regional porchetta ciabatta which is filled with regional smoked cheese, lamb’s lettuce, caramelised onions, and cranberry sauce. The ciabatta bun was incredibly fresh with the perfect amount of crunch in the crust. In my opinion, the bread of a sandwich is just as important as the fillings. What’s the point of a sandwich if the bread is sub-par? Thankfully, this ciabatta bun was great and it supported the hefty meat inside really well too.

Meat & Go - Regional Porchetta

About that meat… it was incredible! The porchetta was flavourful and tender, soft and flakey, and it swiftly fell apart. In other words, slow-cooked perfection. As I write this, I’m envious of my past self for eating this beauty sandwich. As if the meat weren’t enough, the other fillings came together brilliantly. I loved how well the cranberry sauce, caramelised onion, and cheese suited each other. It was definitely a winning combination and I savoured every bite! This truly was a memorable sandwich.

Meat & Go - Regional Porchetta

Meat & Go was not only a hit in my books, but everyone I went with gave it a thumbs up too. Unfortunately, everyone I was with demolished their sandwiches before I could photograph them, but I assure you that they all looked great! It was only after we had eaten that I noticed that the sandwiches all came with a napkin stamped with their menu name. My napkin, for instance, was decorated with a “Porchetta regional” stamp. Nice touch!

Meat & Go - Napkin Stamp

The relaxed, casual atmosphere paired with the delicious sandwiches earn Meat & Go a spot in my list of Krakow food recommendations. I would 100% return to eat through the meaty menu and you would do your taste buds a favour by doing the same. I would be thrilled if Meat & Go could set up a delivery service to Edinburgh, but I suppose for now I’ll just have to wait for another visit to Krakow.



  • Opens at 4 daily.
  • Closed on Tuesdays.


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