Budapest, Hungary


20th March 2018

This is my third post about food in Budapest and so far I’ve covered breakfast, dessert, and now we’re moving on to dinner. Let’s recap:

  • Cirkusz for an unforgettable brunch;
  • Gelarto Rosa for beautiful gelato;
  • Meatology for the best damn burger.

Meatology stands out as one of my most memorable meals in Budapest. Why? Because it is where I feasted on one of the best burgers I’ve had in a long time.

Meatology - Wall Menu

The reviews online about Meatology are consistently good. People rave about the burgers and – to be perfectly honest with you – that gets me excited. I wanted to experience the meaty goodness for myself. My first day in Budapest was a busy one: a Hungarian proposed to me (whole story in the Gelarto Rosa post), I took a walking tour, and I wandered Fisherman’s Bastion. It was, however, a drizzly day and by the end of it, I was wet and tired and there was nothing I wanted more than a mind-blowing meal. I had a good hunch about Meatology so off I went in the pursuit of a delicious burger!

Meatology - Bacon & Cheese Burger

Meatology is pretty small inside so if you don’t have a reservation, you’re really hoping that the foodie gods have cleared a table just in time for your arrival. Thankfully, I got a space fairly quickly because (1) I was dining alone and (2) I went for a before-the-rush dinner. The menu has a few starters, but the burgers are the main event and you’ll be happy to know that there’s quite the selection. For example…

  • The sticky pork belly flat bread burger with Thai slaw and peanut BBQ sauce.
  • The pork steak burger with homemade pickles, romaine lettuce and baconnaise.
  • The classic beef burger with burger sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and red onions.
  • The bacon and cheese burger with the same fixings as the classic, but also red onion marmalade, cheddar, and succulent bacon.
  • The meatology burger with foie gras, burger sauce, lettuce, red onion marmalade, tomato, provolone cheese, and bacon.
  • The goat cheese burger with marinated red onion, walnut, mayo and rocket.

Meatology - Bacon & Cheese Burger

I couldn’t resist the bacon and cheese burger and my god, I’m so glad I had one all to myself. Everything about this burger was spectacular! The soft brioche bun, the juicy tender beef patty, the melted cheese, the pickles (I effing love pickles and these ones were lush), and the rich burger sauce. The whole combo was absolutely amazing. Each bite was a hurricane of meaty, juicy, cheesy flavours in my mouth. Not only was this burger memorable, but it was also filling and great value!

Meatology - Chips

The burgers come with chips which are nicely salted. But what’s even better is that the chips are served with a little pot of burger sauce for dipping. I seriously couldn’t get enough of this burger sauce! I wanna put it on everything! While eating, I noticed that a woman sitting near me didn’t seem to like the sauce. She barely touched it and I was in disbelief! I was glaring at her untouched pot of burger sauce, internally ruminating, “How can you waste it?! WHY ARE YOU WASTING IT?!”. I was genuinely tempted to ask if I could take it off her, but that would be weird, wouldn’t it? FYI: I didn’t.

Meatology - Green Tea Panna Cotta

Finally, I find it hard to say no to dessert when on holiday. It’s an affliction. So I ordered the green tea panna cotta for dessert. I thought the green tea would be infused in the panna cotta itself, but it was a green tea coulis over a vanilla panna cotta with graham crumbs. The green tea coulis was nice, but I would’ve preferred for it to have a stronger green tea flavour. The panna cotta itself was soft and smooth and after finishing it, I was officially stuffed.

I wanted a hearty dinner for my first night in Budapest and Meatology delivered the goods! I’ll be thinking of this burger for a long time to come and if I find myself back in Budapest, I’ll 100% return for a burger and an extra helping of burger sauce!




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