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27th November 2016

Set in a 1600s historical building, Pomperlut invites you to dine in a cosy, mushroom laden, cottage-like restaurant that is befitting for hobbits minus the vertical challenge. Situated about 10 minutes away by foot from the Markt Square, it should be nothing but a brisk, scenic walk or perhaps a tad longer if you’ve had a couple of Tripels ūüėõ Upon entry, you are welcomed by a big¬†fireplace and at the centre of the room, your eyes are led to the dangling chandeliers that look as magical as your plates will soon be!

The name Pomperlut gives a nod to the name of delicious mushrooms from the ancient Flemish dialect. Hence explaining the plethora of wooden mushrooms decorated generously around the room.

I had called in during the day to make lunch reservations, but was kindly explained by the lady on the other line that the lunch service was cancelled due to the late delivery of produce. Luckily for me, dinner service was still a go thus my dinner reservations were secured.

Having read that it was highly advised to make reservations at Pomperlut, I was slightly surprised that the restaurant seemed a tad empty upon arrival. I suppose I got lucky and came during Bruges’ low season!

The sole waitress in the restaurant hung my winter coat and then showed me to my table.

After perusing the menu, I opted for the suggested menu and went for the carpaccio of boar with smoked eel as my appetizer, which was paired with a suitable Spanish white wine. As for my main, the venison with pumpkin puree, green asparagus, onion rings, pepper sauce and perilla was my choice.

Being the glutton that I am, it didn’t occur to me to photograph the amuse bouche offered before my appetizer had arrived. Placed in a ceramic ramekin, I was offered a handful of tabasco flavoured popcorn that was paired with pear chutney on it’s lid. What a tantalizing treat it was!

And then my appetizer arrived. Who knew a medley of boar carpaccio, smoked eel, and creamy mustard sauce could send my tastebuds into such a delightful frenzy?!

As the waitress in the restaurant was busy tending to other guests, the chef graciously came over to my table to retrieve my empty plate whilst making sure all was well. He introduced himself as Chef Wim, short for William.

Not long after, Chef Wim returned with my main dish, the venison with pumpkin puree, green asparagus, onion rings, pepper sauce and perilla. First off, the venison was cooked to juicy, tender, pink perfection. Everything this girl could ask for! Oh mama… Those onion rings had just the right amount of crunch and oiliness to it, I could have eaten a tonne. The asparagus was fresh and nothing else can be said about the pumpkin puree ‚ÄĒ I mean, what else is there to add to perfection?

For dessert, I had the choice between profiteroles or coffee and a digestif. I must admit, I’ve had better profiteroles in passing, but alas this does not diminish my dining experience at Pomperlut.

As I was about to leave, the chef kindly helped me with my coat and I trotted my way out of there with a very happy belly.

A unique establishment led by two lovely individuals. Dank uwel, Bruges!

Till our next meal together,





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