Krakow, Poland

Stary Kleparz Market

12th November 2017

I’m no stranger to local markets. My blog post history is a testament to my deep love of market explorations:

In Berlin, I trekked to the Turkish Market.

In Brussels, I ate my way through the Marché du Midi.

And in Rome, I wandered through the Campo de’ Fiori.

Stary Kleparz Market - Grapes

Truth be told, I still have one more Roman market to write about and share with you! I’ll get to it eventually! This post is all about one of the oldest covered food markets in Krakow: the Stary Kleparz Market.

Stary Kleparz Market - Flower Stall Stary Kleparz Market - Pierogi SelectionApparently, this market dates back to the 12th century so it holds some serious seniority in the market world. Stary Kleparz market (called “Plac Targowy Stary Kleparz” in Polish) is a short 5 minute walk from the Barbican, just north of Krakow’s old town. Easily accessible by foot, this market is a great place to while away some time. What’s more, the market is covered so rain or shine, it’ll be ready for you!

Stary Kleparz Market - Vegetable Stall

Stary Kleparz Market - Random Items

At Stary Kleparz, you’ll find a colourful selection of fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, meats, and cheeses. There are flower stalls, bakery windows, tables with honey, lavender, eggs, spices, dried fruits and nuts, and a small section is dedicated to clothing and house wares. Wandering through the aisles of the market is like a food kaleidoscope – there are so many colours, shapes, textures, and movements to take in. Watching locals make their purchases is part of the fun. I’m always so curious to learn about what they are buying to take home. I’m not a creep, I swear…

Stary Kleparz Market - Olive Stall Stary Kleparz Market - Olives

I visited the market on my last morning in Poland with the express aim of eating something delicious for breakfast. After meandering through the aisles, I couldn’t resist the call of the olive stand which taunted passersby with colourful salads and olive bowls. I picked up a container of black olives in an orange marinade and green olives stuffed with almonds. I also opted for a sundried tomato, fresh basil, and bocconcini cheese medley. I’m a sucker for Mediterranean flavours!

Stary Kleparz Market - Pierogi Plate

Stary Kleparz Market - Pierogi Interior

I was also desperate to eat some pierogi (Polish dumplings). I needed to get one last fix before leaving Poland! Thankfully, Stary Kleparz has two pierogi stalls by Sekret Smaku. I was happy to see a large selection of pierogi flavours that could be heated and eaten on the spot! Unfortunately for me, the labels were all in Polish so the stall holder and I figured out the translations as best we could! Some of the flavours included potato and cheese (ruskie), spinach and feta (szpinakiem i fetą), chanterelle mushrooms (kurkami), mince meat and onion (ukrainskie), lamb (jagnięciną), and rabbit (królikiem). I ended up with a mixed plate of pierogi, they were all delicious, and it wasn’t expensive at all! I enjoyed the variety in the flavours and had a hard time deciding on a favourite so I concluded that they were all pinchable-worthy.

Stary Kleparz Market - Sekret Smaku

Stary Kleparz Market - Sweet Pierogi

I was pleasantly surprised to see sweet pierogi as well. I had to try them so added on a blueberry pierogi and a chocolate banana pierogi. It was great to end the pierogi fest on a sweet note. I really liked them both; the only thing that could have made them better was a small portion of fresh cream to dip them in… But I’m a glutton with a penchant for excess. I liked the chocolate banana pierogi so much that – to the amusement of the stall holder – I ended up ordering two more. Definitely worth trying when at Stary Kleparz!

Stary Kleparz Market - Bakery Goods

Finally, I popped into a bakery stall to get a sweet treat that I could take with me to the airport later in the day. There are several bakery stalls at the market so you won’t be short for choice! Bread, donuts, croissants, cakes, tarts, cookies… there was plenty! To be honest, it was difficulty to narrow it down to just one dessert and I wished I could take so much more back to Edinburgh with me! I chose a chocolate pastry roll because I figured it would transport well and sure enough it did. Make sure you think ahead kids. The last thing you want is a squashed dessert to go to waste!

Stary Kleparz Market - Nuts

Stary Kleparz Market - Lavender

If you’re visiting Krakow and you have access to a kitchen, Stary Kleparz market is the ideal place for you to pick up produce for your stay. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a bite to eat on the spot, visit the market, explore the stalls, and fill your belly. My top pick is the pierogi – stock up on these carb-loaded pockets of deliciousness, both the savoury and the sweet varieties. You’ll thank me later.

Address: Rynek Kleparski 20




  • Monday-Friday 7:00 – 18:00
  • Saturday 7:00 – 15:00
  • Sunday 8:00 – 15:00


  • Cash only.
  • Visit the Sekret Smaku stall for pierogi.


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