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30th January 2019

When I think of Denmark, images of fresh pastries and smørrebrød come to mind. So far my posts about Copenhagen have covered sensual cardamom buns and gourmet Danish cookies, but I wasn’t expecting to find a memorable chocolaterie in the country’s capital.

Summerbird has earned a name in Copenhagen as one of the top producers of high quality confectionary and after trying some of their creations, I fully understand why. There are several Summerbird shops in the city. However, you’re likely to come across the one located at Torvehallerne, an indoor food market that should be on your hit list. As a quick side note, from firsthand experience I can recommend visiting Coffee Collective (excellent coffee, the best latte I’ve had) and Hija de Sanchez (delicious Mexican street food) at Torvehallerne.

Summerbird Copenhagen - Praliné cocoa

Back to Summerbird… the stall at Torvehallerne has a sleek appearance with an open display of chocolate that’s sure to draw you in. It certainly lured me toward their goods and I ended up buying a selection of chocolates.

Firstly, Summerbird introduced me to flødeboller which are marshmallow fluff cakes or the Danish version of Scottish tea cakes. In other words, they consist of a soft and airy marshmallow fluff on a biscuit base and coated with chocolate. The term “flødeboller” literally means “snowballs” but in the culinary world, it translates to “cream buns” because the filling was originally made with cream. Now they are more commonly made with egg whites.

Summerbird Copenhagen - flødebolle

The traditional flødebolle flavour in Denmark consists of vanilla marshmallow fluff, a biscuit base, and a dark chocolate shell. In some cases, it’s also made with an outer coating of coconut flakes (this is the one I tried). I really enjoyed my flødebolle as an afternoon sweet treat. The quality of the ingredients was evident in the flavour and texture of the flødebolle; the filling was light and sweet, the biscuit crunchy, and the dark chocolate shell elegant. It was easy to sense that Summerbird knows what it’s doing in the world of flødeboller. If I lived in Copenhagen, I could see how picking up a flødebolle would become a regular thing. 

Summerbird Copenhagen - flødebolleSummerbird Copenhagen - Coffee HazelnutsSummerbird Copenhagen - flødebolleOther flødebolle flavours at Summerbird include: marzipan and dark chocolate, passion fruit and white chocolate, and marzipan, licorice and white chocolate. A fair warning to you – if you don’t like licorice then don’t sample licorice flavoured goods in Denmark! They love their licorice there and they do not skimp out on the flavour!

Summerbird Copenhagen - flødebolle

While at Summerbird’s Torvehallerne stall, I couldn’t help but buy a few more items to take home to my family as a gift (when I say “take home to my family”, I fully mean that I wanted to give them about 30% of it and consume the remaining 60% myself). I’ll be the first to admit that I often buy food gifts for loved ones so that I can try them myself. SO WHAT! I’m only human!

Summerbird Copenhagen - Raspberry Almonds

Summerbird sells a range of chocolate covered nuts as well as mixed variety boxes if you want to try them all. Flavours include:

  • Liquorice – roasted almonds coated in white chocolate and dusted with liquorice powder;
  • Nougat – roasted almonds coated in nougat and dusted with icing sugar;
  • Guayas – roasted almonds coated in dark chocolate and cocoa nibs;
  • Amber – hazelnuts coated in praline and amber chocolate.

I bought my family (and I) three bags of chocolate covered nuts and they were all superb…

Summerbird Copenhagen - Praliné cocoa

Praliné cocoa: organic roasted almonds coated in nougat and dusted with cocoa. What I liked about this product is that the almonds are dipped in a thick layer of rich chocolate. Like what even is the point if there’s not going to be a solid coating, right?! The flavour of this product is sophisticated and ideal for someone who doesn’t like their chocolate too sweet. Approved.

Summerbird Copenhagen - Raspberry Almonds

Raspberry Red: organic roasted almonds coated in praliné and milk chocolate and dusted with freeze dried raspberries. I absolutely loved this flavour! The tart freeze dried raspberries tickle your tongue, but they are balanced by the sweet milk chocolate just underneath. I’ve never had a chocolate covered nut like this before so the flavour certainly stood out. Let me just say that it didn’t take long for my family to inhale these.

Summerbird Copenhagen - Coffee Hazelnuts

Coffee Lovers: organic hazelnuts coated in praliné and coffee and dusted with icing sugar and cocoa. These chocolate gems are simply divine. I’m pretty sure I declared “Wow” after my first one! The coffee flavour was evident without being too overpowering and the praliné layer added a very welcome hint of sugar to each bite. Finally, the dusting of cocoa powder turned this into an edible mocha experience and I was loving it. As much as I enjoyed the other two flavours, Coffee Lovers wins the championship title.

Summerbird Copenhagen - Coffee HazelnutsSummerbird Copenhagen - Raspberry AlmondsSummerbird Copenhagen - Praliné cocoaCome to think of it, it’s actually a wonder that I managed to get pictures of these chocolate treasures at all! Once I had opened each bag, they seemed to do a disappearing act. All of this is to say that you should pay Summerbird a visit for their fine chocolate products. Buy a few chocolate gifts for others, but mostly buy for chocolate yourself. It’s the Pinchable way!


  • Torvehallerne is open Monday-Thursday from 10am-7pm, Friday from 10am-8pm, Saturday from 10am-6pm, and Sunday from 11am-5pm.
  • Eat all the chocolate.





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