Edinburgh, Scotland

The Buffalo Food Truck

28th January 2017

I’m fairly convinced that some of the best things in life are fried. Exhibit A: chicken. Is not fried chicken one of the most deliciously sinful foods to have graced your taste buds?

Thankfully, quality fried chicken is not hard to come by in Edinburgh because the guys at the Buffalo Food Truck are busy frying up a buttermilk storm. The BFT serves truffle parmesan fries, wings, and a few varieties of fried buttermilk chicken burgers. The menu is small, but very satisfying.

I first encountered the BFT at the pitt street food market back in October. I opted for the classic burger with black garlic mayo and house pickles. The crunch on the chicken was perfect! And that combination of garlic mayo and pickles…ugh, I need it again. Well done, boys! Also, can we all just take a moment to appreciate how awesome pickles are? I want them on burgers every. damn. time. Pickle haters, away with you.

More recently, I went for a Sunday afternoon trek to find the BFT at the newly opened Food and Flea market. This time I chose the buffalo chicken burger with hot sauce and blue cheese sauce. Again, these guys nailed the flavour pairing to complement their chicken. I seriously considered ordering a second follow-up burger, but decided it was wiser to pace out my fried chicken consumption.

I’m already looking forward to my next buttermilk chicken burger sesh (with a topping of those crisp pickles). There’s something about eating food cooked in hot oil that makes me feel like I’m breaking the rules. And I’ll break those rules with the Buffalo Food Truck anyyyyyyyytime.

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