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To Lubię Café

29th October 2017

One of my favourite things about travelling is discovering small cafés and eateries that are overflowing with charm and warmth. While in Warsaw, I visited To Lubię Café and I will have you know that it is the perfect cozy corner to get a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

to lubię - window seat

To Lubię is small café located just outside Warsaw’s old town, a few steps away from the Barbican. Upon entering, you are greeted with a selection of freshly baked desserts, several jars of homemade cookies, a quaint room with three tables and a cute, cushioned window seat that invites you to watch the world go by. If the tables are full, don’t feel disheartened; there is an upstairs room with wooden tables that makes you feel like you’ve been welcomed into someone’s home dining room.

to lubię - cookie sign

I stopped into To Lubię for my last breakfast in Warsaw because I couldn’t resist the call of their sweet offerings. On the day of my visit, they had a chocolate cherry brownie cake, meringues, a cheesecake with chocolate, a cheesecake with cherries, and a gingerbread cake with plums and chocolate. There were also four cookie varieties: butter, cinnamon raisin, oatmeal coconut, and chocolate hazelnut. So much choice! As much as I wanted to launch straight into the desserts, I knew that the reasonable thing to do would be to have a “proper” breakfast first. As an aside, dessert can totally be breakfast and I strongly encourage it.

to lubię - dessert selectionThe menu is simple, but it sufficiently covers your breakfast, lunch and snack time needs. The drink options are plenty, including hot and iced chocolates, milkshakes, fresh juices, lemonade, tea, coffee, and flavoured lattes like cinnamon and honey, chocolate and mint, and caramel with almond petals.

to lubię - menu

For breakfast, you can opt for a continental plate of freshly baked croissants with seasonal fruits and spreads. The “local” platter is served with smoked meats, cheese, egg, seasonal vegetables, and fresh bread. Alternatively, the “vege” platter contains local cheeses, a chickpea spread, fresh vegetables, and fresh rolls.

 to lubię - latteto lubię - table decorto lubię - muesli and fruitI decided on the vanilla and cardamom latte, which was beautifully flavoured. The coffee had a nice taste without being overly sweet and the cardamom flavour really came through. If I had more time, I’d happily go through more of their latte flavours (chocolate and raspberry, I’m looking at you). As for my breakfast, I settled on the muesli bowl, mainly so that I’d have room for dessert!

The breakfast bowl is served with toasted muesli, fresh fruit (grapes, bananas, and plums), raisins, your choice of milk or yogurt, and your choice of chocolate, honey or dried cranberries. I chose milk and cranberries and didn’t feel guilty eating this breakfast whatsoever! It was fresh, light, and most importantly, left me with just enough stomach space for a slice of cake!

to lubię - plum cake

I was fixated on the gingerbread cake with plums and chocolate. Not only did it look great, but the flavour combination sounded like a match made in heaven! When I took my first bite, my speculation was confirmed – the ingredients came together brilliantly. I loved how the stewed plums balanced the spice of the gingerbread, and the texture was equal parts soft and crumbly. I would LOVE to get the recipe for this cake because it left quite the impression on my taste buds and I’d happily eat it all the time.

to lubię - plum cake

Overall, I really liked this relaxed, down-to-earth café and if you’re in Warsaw, I highly recommend visiting it for breakfast, dessert, coffee, and watching passersby from the front window. In English “To lubię” means “I like it” and it’s very easy to say that this café has earned the name.

p.s. if I were to return, I would 100% try the homemade apple crumble with whipped cream. My sources suggest that it’s pretty damn good. If you get it, send me a picture and make me jealous!

Website: http://www.tolubie.pl/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kawiarnia-To-lubi%C4%99-128637773821789/


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