Edinburgh, Scotland

Twelve Triangles

3rd December 2016

Twelve Triangles is my local bakery obsession. I regularly go through a 4 step process that leads me there: crave food, stalk their Instagram, trek to the bakery, splurge.

I’ve been to Twelve Triangles on countless occasions. Can’t you tell by the plethora of images above?! I love this place for the food and for the coffee. On any given day, you’ll find a vast range of breads, pastries, and donuts in store. Although it’s a small shop, they manage to squeeze A LOT of baked goods in there. Just how I like it.

Twelve Triangles - Chestnut Ricotta Donut

My go-to drink at Twelve Triangles is a flat white and it’s always fantastic. I don’t know what they do to it, but the flat white has a slight sweetness that awakens my taste buds. When I’m in need of a caffeine fix, I know that a Twelve Triangles flat white will do the trick.

Apart from being a solid coffee stop, Twelve Triangles is my fresh bread hub. I LOVE the bread here. It’s so good that I snack on it as is. No spreads or sandwich fillings needed! However, I’ll admit that a grilled cheese sandwich made with their bread is the absolute bomb. The bread flavours change throughout the year, but some of my favourites include the chilli, paprika and cheddar spelt, the rosemary pecan spelt, and the currant, oat, hazelnut, pumpkin seed loaf.

Today I bought a chocolate chestnut loaf (a festive flavour for the holidays) and I can’t wait to dig in. For Halloween, they even created a charcoal sourdough (bizarre, but tasty!), as well as my personal favourite, a pumpkin, cinnamon, dark chocolate sourdough! The pumpkin loaf was so good that I bought two and froze the extra one for long-term enjoyment. I pop a slice into the toaster and top it with maple butter or a raw coconut hazelnut butter…HEAVEN! I’m a genius, I know!

Twelve Triangles - Pistachio Custard Donut

Ok, so we’ve established that the bread is awesome. Now onto the sweet stuff. Every morning, Twelve Triangles’ shelves are loaded with fresh butter and filled croissants, pain aux noisettes, and cinnamon buns. There’s sure to be something to entice anyone who walks through the door. But the real show stoppers are the doughnuts – those fluffy, sweet, sugar-coated doughnuts. Each day there is a new collection of flavours to satisfy your gluttonous appetite for fried dough. The flavours are pretty irresistible: peanut butter cream cheese, chocolate coconut custard, raspberry jam, lemon ricotta, maple pecan, cardamom custard, passionfruit ricotta, chocolate coffee custard…ugh, I wanna stuff my face just thinking about them.

What I love about Twelve Triangles is that they are big fans of seasonal ingredients and flavours. This not only keeps their dessert menu exciting, but it also thrills foodies like me. I adore holiday delights! In October, they made a pumpkin cream cheese doughnut. The second I saw it on their Instagram account, I was like “OMG I’M GOING!”. I changed out of PJs and hauled ass to the bakery, where I was welcomed by the baristas who said, “We knew you’d come”. Let’s just say that they’re familiar with my pumpkin obsession. This is also the second year that I’ve done this. #noshame. This past autumn, Twelve Triangles introduced a chocolate pumpkin doughnut: chocolate dough, pumpkin cream cheese filling, topped with chocolate glaze and pumpkin seeds. I just about died. Life was complete.

Twelve Triangles - Pumpkin Creamcheese Donut

Pumpkin isn’t the only seasonal flavour they do, I promise. Leading up to Christmas, Twelve Triangles makes festive doughnut flavours like brandy custard, chocolate chestnut, mint chocolate, chocolate orange, and eggnog. Side note: I’m a sucker for eggnog flavoured things as well. Sadly, in Scotland, eggnog isn’t stocked in grocery stores the way it is in North America. One year — because I wanted eggnog so badly — I made it from scratch for the very first time. All of this is to say that if I see an eggnog-based dessert, I’m all over it (and let me know if you see any in Edinburgh). Other seasonal Twelve Triangles treats have included pumpkin spice cookies, hot cross buns, mince pies, gingerbread cookies, and stollen. They really do spoil us.

Twelve Triangles - Mince Pie 2017

Twelve Triangles also makes a small selection of savoury pastries like hand pies, galettes, macaroni pies, focaccia bread, and sandwiches. Though I’m sure you’re not surprised that I’ve dedicated the majority of this post to their sweet offerings. I’m going to be totally honest, sometimes I plan my weekend errands around what Twelve Triangles has in store. And when I have visitors, it’s of course just another reason to go to Twelve Triangles. I tend to take my lucky guests to Twelve Triangles for breakfast (yes, doughnuts CAN be breakfast!) or for takeaway treats. Jealous? You should be.

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    Agreed in every way!!

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      Glad you agree! I still go to this place on the regular! ~J

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