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Pancakes, pancakes, read all about it! Who doesn’t like a good, fluffy pancake for breakfast? If you don’t, you might be reading the wrong blog then 😏

While I was in London 2 weeks ago, I went on a rampant Asian “food bender” as I was really starving for some authentic Asian food (you know, living in the south-west of France and all.. Not that I’m complainin’ 😆). To conclude my trip, I wanted to have something else tasty that I wouldn’t be able to get as easily in France, cue: Pancakes! Gooooood, proper pancakes, that is.

About less than a 5-minute walk from the London Bridge tube stop, Where The Pancakes Are is located in Flat Iron Square. Besides Where The Pancakes Are, you can find several other food vendors, restaurants, bars, food trucks and outdoor space at this London Bridge foodie hub. Flat Iron Square also boasts live music events with Omeara, a music gig venue and club space owned by Ben Lovett, one of the founding members of Mumford & Sons. On the weekends, you can thrift through their vintage and flea market. Food, drinks, live music and vintage finds: Count me INNNN (especially when the pancakes are this gewwwwwwd)!

Back to ze pancakes… Where The Pancakes Are whip up buttermilk pancakes from their in-house blend of organic flour. You can even buy their flour mix of 575g for 3.75 pounds if you please! Vegans, vegetarians and gluten-free folk are looked after as well; they use a different blend of organic rice, buckwheat flour, soy milk and chickpea water for their vegan-friendly batter. Everyone wins here!

Looking over their menu on the website, I was torn between their Savoury and Sweet buttermilk pancakes (first world problems, I tell ya… tsk tsk). It was either gonna be the Breakfast pancakes which consisted of two buttermilk pancakes, fried egg, swaledale butcher’s streaky bacon and sausage, roasted cherry tomatoes, portobello mushroom and baked beans OR the Hummingbird, two buttermilk pancakes stuffed with chunky pieces of cinnamon poached pineapple, house whipped cream, clear lime syrup and zest, pomegranate and toasted coconut. Decisions, decisions! In the end, I went with my gut and opted for the Hummingbird. Always go with your food gut; rewarded, you shall be!


I had to order a side of maple syrup as the Hummingbird came with lime syrup instead. Boy, was I happy to see my pretty stack of pancakes! Yes, the pancakes look insta-worthy but most importantly, they also taste deee-li-ciouuuuuus. 

The pancakes were wonderfully fluffy and light, the cinnamon poached pineapple chunks were generously stuffed in between the two pancakes, the house whipped cream was luscious and ohhhh how the pomegranate and toasted coconut tied everything together so perfectly. Wrapped up my London trip with a bang! 💯

My friend ordered the Forest Berries pancakes which were two buttermilk pancakes, juicy forest berry compote, house whipped cream, crushed meringue bits and toasted almond flakes. She was also a very happy camper and tooted how she’d definitely come back with friends ✌🏼


The pancakes hit the right spot and were nothing short of perfection. Next time, I’ll go for a latte as my green cold-pressed juice had a weird tangy aftertaste (I LOVE a veggie green juice but this one just wasn’t for me). They make chai lattes and turmeric & cinnamon latte (should have gone with my gut hah!), good options for ze next visit!

Last but not least, the service was sweet and lovely. Big ups to the friendly staff and pancake wizards of Where The Pancakes Are! Thanks for filling up my belly with your luscious pancakes before take off. Till next time ☺️


Arch 35a
85a Southwark Bridge Road,
London SE1 0NQ

Website: https://wherethepancakesare.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wherethepancakesare/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wherethepancakesare/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/wherepancakes


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