About Us

It was love at first bite.

You know when you meet someone and you really get along with them? The type of encounter where you say to yourself, “We are SO on the same page. I seriously need to be friends with this person”. Well that’s us.

We’re Jess and Lili and we’ve been bonding over food since 2008. This is our origins story. Think “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, but with a lot less violence and a lot more dessert.

Why start a blog?

Both of us had separately considered the idea of starting up our own individual food blogs, but neither of us ever got around to doing it. So when the idea of starting a joint blog came about, it felt right. Like peanut butter and jelly. It just works, no need to question its compatibility.

With Lili living in France and Jess living in Scotland, we felt that a joint blog would not only offer readers a unique array of foodie reports, but also different insights from two enthusiastic personalities.

Ultimately, our goal with this blog is twofold: to share our food adventures so that you know where you too can get the best eats; and to recognize local business owners for their contributions to the food scene, wherever they may be.

Our philosophy is that delicious food is a beautiful thing. It brings people together, it’s good for the soul, and it’s intertwined with a culture’s identity. What a missed opportunity it would be to stay within the confines of our own kitchens! Food is our inspiration and we’re here to make the most of it.

Because this blog is a chronicle of our food adventures, all writing, opinions, and photography are our own. We sincerely thank you for stopping by and reading. We hope you enjoy the adventure as much as we do!

Pinchables in San Sebastián, Spain (2019)

Seriously though, what are pinchables?

Pinchables are those little pouches of extra chunk that develop on your hips, your waist line, and your belly when you have an appetite as big as ours. You know when you look at yourself in the mirror and you realize that you can pinch yourself in places where it previously wasn’t possible? Those are pinchables. And we’ve embraced them.

It’s been a long-standing joke between us to periodically check in on each other’s pinchables. And so the name of our blog was born.

Who are Jess and Lili?


Lover of maple syrup, cinnamon, pumpkin, and peanut butter. I have a huge sweet tooth. On any given day, you’ll find me craving desserts, eating desserts, or reading dessert recipes online. I have been known to walk 30 minutes in the pursuit of cake (that’s one-way I might add). On that note, never get in the way of me and a dessert. There will be hell to pay if you do. This is not an idle threat.

I’m a Canadian, born to Maltese parents and raised just outside of Toronto. From a young age, my mother exuded a passion for food, spending her weekends cooking, baking, and experimenting with new recipes. I’m not even joking when I say that my mother has actually told me “Don’t forget to eat.” AS IF! She’s the type of mom who gets genuine satisfaction from feeding others (and I have happily reaped the benefits of her work!). Growing up, she instilled in me three key principles:

  • Eat to your heart’s content. Live in the here and the now;
  • Spare no expense when it comes to food;
  • Always feed your guests, even if they say no. They don’t know what’s good for them.

These general truths have accompanied me on my travels and during my time spent living in Ottawa, France, Spain, and now Scotland. Since 2012 I have been lucky enough to make Edinburgh my second home and it is undoubtedly one of the most charming cities in the world. Yes, haggis is delicious. No, I’m not tired of bagpipes…yet. I spend my free time researching and exploring the culinary gems this city has to offer. No foodie hot spot in Edinburgh shall be left unexplored! Other than that, I love to travel, photograph food (obviously), learn languages, recycle (I’m an avid environmentalist), attend concerts, and watch Seinfeld (It’s the best, Jerry. The best!).


Born in Canada to Chinese Malaysian parents, I spent almost a decade of my childhood in the melting pot that is Toronto. Heck, I could have been Aussie as my parents debated moving there. Ultimately, Canada won my parents’ vote. Go Canada!

My first encounter with spicy foods was when my aunt made me the ever so tantalizing, tom yum noodle soup. It was 1996. As I am writing this, I am also enjoying a hot bowl of pho with LOTS of chilies. Did you need to know that? Probably not! Is it helping with my writer’s block? I’d like to think YES!

Can you see what my future blogs posts will sound like now? Food. Oh heavenly food! SPICY food! Food is life. Now that we’ve clearly established that this will be a food blog..

My parents moved our family back to their roots, Kuala Lumpur in 1996. Fast forward a few years later to when I returned to Canada for my university studies. I spent a good couple of years in Toronto eating to my heart’s content and eventually moved to France where I currently reside.

Addicted to spicy foods, I can’t help but put chili on most things. Prone to eat ALL Asian cuisines and you’ll never catch me unprepared when it comes to researching places to eat in a foreign city – being hangry is real thing! An accidental baker, Foodgawker is my BFF, and once, I somehow managed to pull off feeding 400 Tongans at a 21st birthday party!

Besides living to eat, I have this permanent itch.. The zesty, travel bug bite that will stick with me for life! Those who know me will tell you that I always describe my trips by the fantastic meals and people I’ve met along the way. 

My passion for food can truly be attributed to my Chinese-Malaysian heritage and of course, to being Canadian. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

To this day, my mom still starts our conversations with the ever so important question, “Have you eaten yet?” And my answer should always be “Yes”.

Where did it all begin?

Our story begins in Sherbrooke, Québec in the summer of 2008 where both of us were enrolled in a French Immersion summer course. Lady Luck knew what she was doing when she placed us in the same university and in the same accommodation. Over the course of this five week language program, we got to know each other and we quickly connected over our deep-rooted love affair with quality food.

In these early days of our friendship, we called ourselves “Dessert Partners” or “DPs” for short because we knew that in each other we had found someone with an addiction to desserts as strong and ridiculous as our own. Cakes, pies, tarts, cookies, ice cream, crêpes – you name it, we shared an equal zeal for it. Together we were unashamed of our gluttony and it has formed the foundation of our friendship ever since.

Although we have consistently lived in different cities, we have always managed to reunite with the explicit purpose of indulging in memorable food. Our repertoire of food date destinations includes Québec City, Toronto, Ottawa, Granada (Spain) and Toulouse (France). Driven by the question, “Where and what are we going to eat next?”, we have shared a plethora of outstanding meals. And if it’s not already abundantly clear, food has always been our priority. We even missed a train in France because we simply couldn’t walk by a window of cakes without getting a slice for ourselves. Yes, we missed a train for the sake of cake. And that, ladies and gents, is how you know you’ve found your food soul mate.