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When on the road, it’s so refreshing to find cafés that exude warmth and positivity. When the menu, the décor, and the staff seamlessly work in unison, an altogether welcoming and genuine atmosphere is created. ÆNDRÈ is one such place.

ÆNDRÈ is a sustainable café/deli in the Eppendorf neighbourhood of Hamburg, north of the centre. While spending a few days exploring the city, I quickly learned that the majority of Hamburg’s most intriguing food spots are not located inside the tourist centre. Instead, they’re in the periphery, which thankfully for us, is very accessible by public transport. And I can assure you, the trek to these locations is well worth the effort.

At ÆNDRÈ, the food is vegan with a focus on sustainable and regional ingredients. The dishes are wholesome and nutritious, centred on the concepts of balance, vitality, and Mother Nature.

Breakfast comprises of build-your-own porridge or smoothie bowls, with a range of enticing toppings like blueberry compote, cashew yogurt, chai pears, vanilla apple sauce, fresh fruit, nut butters, and homemade granola. The porridge flavours change seasonally, but at the time of my visit the winter options were fermented oat porridge, espresso almond porridge, and spiced millet, quinoa and lentil porridge. At breakfast, the café is already glowing with table candles. Yes, I’ll stay for a candle-lit breakfast, thank you very much.

Lunch and dinner offer a collection of salad bowls and hot dishes, shifting again with the seasons. The hot dishes, all very enticing, match perfectly with the wet and windy days of winter in Hamburg. Soups like red vegetable lentil or roasted carrot apple are perfect for warming the soul on a cold day. Meanwhile, hearty bowls like the toasted nut artichoke risotto and the Nordic masala served with black rice and cashew yogurt provide a burst of health.

On the beverage front, coffee with plant milks, teas, homemade lemonades, and natural wines can be paired with your meal. I tried the natural white wine, which uplifted my already deliciously spiced masala bowl. Desserts are raw, vegan, free of refined sugar, and full of fruits, vegetables, and seeds. Slices of carrot orange bread or apple bread are served with a homemade nut sauce. I enjoyed a slice of the apple bread after my carrot soup and masala bowl. After trying three separate dishes, it was clear that the flavours at ÆNDRÈ are natural and vibrant, clean and crisp.


To top it all off, the staff are truly inviting of everyone who walks in the door. I visited for dinner one evening and despite my complete lack of German language knowledge, I was received with such friendliness. The staff member made her best effort to explain the food options in English and answered my questions. She also spoke so highly of the breakfast that I decided to return the next morning. And I’m very glad I did because my breakfast and dinner experiences highlighted that everything about ÆNDRÈ is lovely.

Eating at ÆNDRÈ feels like you’re doing something good for yourself, and that is absolutely the type of feeling you should have on holiday. The rustic interior of the café will wave you in, the food will energize your soul, and the staff will make you feel at ease. Make time for ÆNDRÈ when in Hamburg. They definitely have time for you.


  • From Hamburg city centre or the Sankt Pauli neighbourhood, take the U3 metro line in the direction of Barmbek and exit at Eppendorfer Baum. From there, ÆNDRÈ is a short walk away.
  • Excellent for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a casual, cosy, and inviting space.





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