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Bistroy Les Papilles

There are so many restaurants in Paris that it can be stressful to narrow down where to eat, especially when you’re a party of 7!

Last year, I was tasked with putting together a food itinerary in Paris for my parents and their friends for 3 days. You know when you’re constantly looking up places and then end up with a bajillion tabs open? Yes, that was meeeee (still is). Annoying the hell out of my boyfriend… “How many tabs do you have open right now? I can’t stream my show!” – Oops, sorry not sorry. 😁 Well, planning for 7 people in Paris was no easy feat! Along the way, Bistroy Les Papilles popped up on my research radar.

It seemed that Bistroy Les Papilles was always too busy to pick up their phone during service hours and so I resorted to emailing them for a reservation instead. Because we were a party of 7, we had to reconfirm the day before that we were indeed still coming.

About a 4 minute walk from the Luxembourg metro station, it would be easy to walk past Bistroy Les Papilles while staring at your phone’s GPS and think to yourself, “Where IS this place?”.

Due to its window display of cookie tins, we didn’t even realize we had walked by Bistroy Les Papilles, 😆 the reason being that they also happen to be a fine food store. Ah-hah!

As soon as we stepped into Bistroy Les Papilles, I immediately understood why they made us reconfirm our reservation the day before. The bistro is a cosy little place with limited tables.

We were led to the back of the restaurant into a small, beautiful dining area surrounded by tall window panels and we were greeted with a lovely vase of flowers. Loved that extra touch!

Since we happened to be dining at Bistroy Les Papilles on a Saturday, lunch was served as a set menu. For all their dinner services and Saturday lunches, they offer a pre-fixed chef’s special menu. If for any reason you don’t like something that is on their pre-fixed menu, simply ask if you can swap it for something else. My mom isn’t a fan of lamb and luckily the chef kindly cooked up a nice cod dish as her main, while the rest of us happily devoured our shared portions of lamb!

Bertrand, their good-humoured owner came to our table to explain each course. He left us briefly and came back with a bottle of red, Domaine Montcalmès 2014. Singing the praises of this red, he poured me a splash to taste. Looking at him dead serious, I said, “J’aime pas.” Bertrand was so stunned by my response, oh how I wish I snapped a shot of him! Of course, I was only just kidding and it put him back at ease. Lucky for me, he was a good sport!

For starters, we had the tastiest mushroom soup. We were all served white bowls that had a dollop of cream, some nuts, herbs and mushrooms. Confused at first, the lovely server eventually came back with a soup tureen and ladled each of our bowls some luscious mushroom soup! Oh, it was perfection. So simple and delicious.

Our main was a delectable confit lamb shoulder that had been cooked for 7 to 8 hours. Just hearing that phrase alone makes my stomach squeal with excitement! Come to mamaaaaaaaa!

The portions were huge even for the 6 of us. The lamb was served with provencal style vegetables, fresh flat green beans, and thyme. We did our best to finish but alas! Let’s just say the mushroom soup sure filled us up. 😝

Next up was cheese. Blue cheese. Unfortunately, most of my Dad’s friends weren’t big fans of blue cheese and so they didn’t touch theirs. One of the ladies had no problem having an extra serving of blue cheese — when in France!

Our dessert was a small verrine of caramel Carambar pannacotta. It wasn’t too sweet, really smooth, and it was topped off with Speculoos crumbs. I especially loved how they added the Carambar wrapper, very tongue in cheek. 😋

Verdict: Bistroy Les Papilles is a lovely little bistro that serves up quality market-to-table, hearty French cuisine. Make sure to bring your appetite!

Location: 30 rue Gay Lussac 75005, PARIS, France.




  • Open Tuesday to Saturday
  • Store hours: 9:30 am – midnight
  • Lunch and dinner service hours: 12pm – 2pm // 7pm – 10:30pm
  • Sunday & Monday: Closed

Tips: Definitely make a reservation as the restaurant is small or else you risk being turned away.


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