Berlin, Germany

Brammibal’s Donuts

20th January 2017

Unexpected food finds are exciting. You’re wandering around, soaking up your new surroundings, and then BAM, there’s an amazing foodie hot spot that somehow evaded you during the ever-critical pre-trip food research phase. That’s when you get down on your knees and thank the foodie gods for their divine intervention.

This is how I felt during my Tuesday in Berlin when I discovered Brammibal’s Donuts. As I finished browsing the Turkish Market, my eye caught a sign that read “donuts”. You know in Star Wars when the radar of a starfighter zones in on its target to shoot it down, well that’s how it felt when I saw this sign. My eyes zoned in on the target, I automatically approached it, and I peered through the windows of the café. Donuts. Lots of donuts. I HAVE TO GO IN. So I did.

Let’s be clear about something here: I wasn’t  hungry. In fact, I was plenty full after what I had already eaten that morning. Let’s recall: I had already consumed the filling breakfast from Silo Coffee (plus a coffee), a Turkish gözleme, and an apple mint ginger iced tea. All in the span of an hour and a half. It may not sound like much on the surface, but it was. And I was STUFFED. However, none of this mattered – NONE OF IT – because I had donuts on the mind and the only solution was to get one.

So in I went. The donut counter was gorgeous and the flavour variety generous. Chocolate peanut butter fudge, mandarin & coconut, salted caramel hazelnut, cherry pistachio, mango & goji, pumpkin spice, maple coconut bacon, cinnamon sug̶̶ ̶  wait, WHAT?! PUMPKIN SPICE?! IS THIS REAL LIFE?! I never, and I mean NEVER, expected to see anything pumpkin flavoured in Germany. The foodie gods strike again! This was my lucky day (reminder: I’m pumpkin obsessed). I had instant tunnel vision; the other flavours didn’t matter (though they surely were delicious). My choice had to be pumpkin spice.

 To accompany my donut, I ordered a soy chai latte because pumpkin and chai were destined for each other. What a match made in heaven. The chai latte was frothy, smooth, and bursting with cinnamon. But the main event was the donut. The dough texture was soft, with the right amount of spring and chewiness in each bite. The glaze tasted of pumpkin spice, that beautiful combination of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, and allspice. My only qualm was that this donut could have (and should have) been absolutely drenched in the glaze, but that’s probably my pumpkin/sugar addiction talking.

I would have loved to try another donut flavour – because they all looked so good – but alas I was absolutely stuffed and two donuts in one sitting would have been overkill (even for me).  To my complete surprise, Brammibal’s is completely vegan. I didn’t even notice until I looked them up on Facebook while enjoying my donut. The fact that the donut showed no signs of being vegan is impressive! May I point out here that if you look in the above gallery, you’ll see a photo of the shop sign which clearly states “vegan” just under the title and just above the word “donuts”. That’s how entranced I was by the word “donuts”. I didn’t even fully read the sign. #noshame

I’ve now taken to regularly creeping Brammibal’s social media pages, which boast sexy af pictures of their vegan donuts. It gives me regular food envy and I SO wish I could teleport to Berlin to try more of their flavours. Can scientists just invent teleportation already? That really needs to happen. Like STAT. I want more of Brammibal’s donuts.






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