Budapest, Hungary

Butter Brothers

15th September 2018

Are you the kind of person who loves seeking out local, high quality bakeries when you travel? If you answered “yes” and you’re planning a trip to Budapest, I have just the place for you! The place is called Butter Brothers and I wholeheartedly think you should go there.

So far, my Budapest food blog journey has taken us to Meatology for amazing burgers, Cirkusz for the most satisfying brunch, and Gelarto Rosa for beautiful gelato. Next up is a hidden bakery that will charm you with its quaint atmosphere and delicious offerings. I visited Butter Brothers on a wet and snowy February day with a hungry belly because I spent the morning touring the Hungarian parliament building (which is interesting! Make sure to book your tickets online ahead of time!). I purposefully walked along the Danube from the parliament building to Butter Brothers, which is located a few streets behind the Great Market Hall in the south side of the city. The bakery is tucked away in a quiet part of town and I can just about promise that you wouldn’t find if you weren’t explicitly looking for it.

The bakery is fairly small, with enough seating for about 16 people. On the front counter – where you place your order – there was a selection of sweet treats including cookies and brownies. In plain sight behind the counter, there was an open display of fresh loaves of bread, baguettes, and savoury pastries. Butter Brothers also has a soup of the day, made fresh in house.

After having walked quite the distance in the wet snow falling on this winter day in Budapest, I was ready to settle in for a warming lunch. Not really knowing what the flavour would be, I ordered the soup, but trusted that it would be good. It turned out to be a hearty and flavourful vegetable soup, with a tomato base that was rich in spices. The soup was just what I needed to warm myself up and it was served with generous chunks of their homemade bread. The bread was soft and fresh, perfect for dipping into the soup. If I lived in Budapest, I’d happily buy their bread for use at home – the quality was spot on. I also ordered a savoury pastry, their version of a pizza pocket. Imagine tomato sauce and cheese wrapped in a homemade flakey pastry. Yum!

Yes, this was already a very carby affair, but there was no way I was going to leave Butter Brothers without a taste of their sweet goods. I had read online that this bakery is renowned for its kakaós csiga or chocolate roll and I so desperately wanted one. However, in the time that I was eating my lunch, they had sold the last ones (some guy came in and bought about 4 in one shot. So selfish.). I was devastated to say the least. I really felt like I missed an opportunity and kicked myself for not having asking the staff to save one for me!

As an alternative, I opted for the chocolate orange pain au chocolate, which was a twist on the famous French pâtisserie. I liked the addition of candied orange in the pastry and felt it spruced up the treat. I also ordered a latte with my pastry and I can confirm that this place makes great coffee (they also sell coffee beans). Bonus points!

While slowly enjoying my coffee and pain au chocolat, I took my time writing some postcards to family and friends. In this time, the food gods looked down upon me and granted me my wish because a brand new tray FULL of fresh chocolate rolls emerged from the bakery kitchen! OMGGGGGGGGGGG! What a stroke of luck! I zoned in on the fresh pastries and quickly ordered one. My initial plan was to take it away for later since I was already so full from all the previous carbs… but how can you say no to a fresh-out-of-the-oven treat?!

I decided to nibble on it, and by nibble on it, I mean that I ate over half of it! I’m ridiculous, I know. But, this chocolate roll was very worth it! The roll was wonderfully buttery, flakey, and chocolatey. I don’t think I’ve ever had a chocolate roll quite this good before. It was moreish, with a fair chocolate to pastry ratio. I’m not a fan of pastries that hardly have any filling, but this roll certainly had a healthy amount of chocolate! After enjoying this treat, I suddenly retracted my previous judgment of the guy who bought four at once. He was just doing the smart thing. Wise man.

All in all, Butter Brothers really impressed me with the quality of their bread, savoury options, and sweet pastries. Their talent for pastry making really shone through in everything I ate and I feel awfully jealous of the locals who get to visit this gem regularly. If I had more time in Budapest, I would have happily returned to Butter Brothers for another chocolate roll, but at the very least, I was lucky enough to have tried it once! When you go (which you should), call dibs on a chocolate roll right away to avoid the disappointment that I so narrowly missed!




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