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2nd March 2018

Sometimes when on the road, you have a breakfast that just completely blows your mind. And when you do, you wish you could pack up the entire place and bring it back home. Cirkusz in Budapest is one of those places and I’m about to give you all of my personal foodie tips.

Pinchable Tip 1: Get there early

Cirkusz has rave reviews online about their breakfast and brunch so it took priority on my food list. Thankfully, I was staying very close to it so I visited early on a Wednesday morning. I was there by 9:30am and plenty of tables were available, but let me tell you, the place got busy fast! I visited Cirkusz again 2 days later (yep, it’s that good!), this time closer to 11am and the place was completely packed! It’s clearly a busy food spot and for good reason. Staff do make an effort to turn tables efficiently though, so don’t be discouraged. It’s worth the wait.

Cirkusz - Eggs BenedictCirkusz - InteriorCirkusz - Pulled Pork Benedict

Pinchable Tip 2: Get a ginger shot

The drink selection at Cirkusz is extensive, with classic brunch bevvies like mimosas, Blood Mary’s, freshly squeezed orange juice, and homemade iced teas. However, I recommend getting a ginger shot: a sweet little concoction of fresh ginger juice, orange juice, and honey. It’s a small-sized surprise that will spruce up your taste buds. Get it.

Cirkusz - Ginger Shots

Pinchable Tip 3: Order a coffee (or two)

As I learned from a walking tour, Hungary inherited its coffee traditions from the Turks as far back as the 1500s. Budapest has a reputation for good coffee and Cirkusz certainly upholds it. Between my two visits, I had a latte and a flat white. Both were smooth flavourful, and adorned with pretty coffee art. Damn good coffee, check.

Cirkusz - Coffee

Pinchable Tip 4: The Eggs Benedict

The menu at Cirkusz has a lovely range of dishes to satisfy all your brunch needs. Eggs Florentine, eggs royale, a salmon and cream cheese New York bagel, a full English breakfast, a Hungarian country style breakfast, chocolate croissants, and fruit pots (for those so healthily inclined). I opted for the Eggs Benedict and I am SO glad that I did.

Picture two soft and fresh English muffin halves topped with succulent slices of prosciutto ham, two perfectly poached eggs, and a hearty coating of hollandaise sauce. It. Was. So. Good! And when I cut into the eggs, the yolk poured out brilliantly onto the ham. Actual, literal food porn. It doesn’t get any better than this, folks. The Eggs Benedict at Cirkusz were ace.

Cirkusz - Eggs Benedict

Cirkusz - Eggs Benedict

Pinchable Tip 5: The Pulled Pork Benedict

Now, I thought I had it good with the Eggs Benedict, but boy was I ever wrong. Cirkusz completely spoiled me on my second visit when I ordered the Pulled Pork Benedict! I’m absolutely obsessed with this dish and can’t stop thinking about it.

Instead of an English muffin, the base was a pan-fried grated potato disc flavoured with herbs. I love this change up! The potato dics were topped with two heaps of pulled pork, which were wonderfully tender and flavoured. Describing this has me salivating! The mounds of pork were topped with two more perfectly poached eggs, the classic hollandaise sauce, a few slices of spring onion, and a sprinkle of Hungarian sweet paprika for good measure. The combination of flavours hit the bullseye. The Pulled Pork Benedict at Cirkusz was brunch heaven. It’s the pièce de résistance on the menu and you should 100% get it. It might even be the best breakfast I had in Budapest!

Pinchable Tip 5: Share the French toast

On my second visit to Cirkusz, I was lucky enough to dine with some fellow travellers I met at the hostel. Four of us popped in for a busy Friday brunch based on my recommendation. I was ever so curious to try the French toast and thankfully, they were game for sharing the French toast as a brunch dessert. What beautiful souls! We all got in on the French toast action and it was delicious! The bread was soft, not too eggy, and coated with maple syrup (as it should be). Really, just the ideal sweet note on which to end the meal. If you have space for it, get some French toast for brunch dessert (totally making brunch dessert a thing from now on!).

Cirkusz - French Toast

Moral of the Pinchable story: Visit Cirkusz

And there you have my top tips for your visit to Cirkusz. The service is quick, the music is chill, and most importantly, the food is stellar. Enjoy the experience, fellow foodies.





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