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Jah Jah by Le Tricycle

While I was in Paris not too long ago, I had a whole day of vegan-resto-hopping with one of my good friends living there. She’s vegan, I’m not — no matter because it was a hella delicious day!

I did some research and Jah Jah quickly caught my eye. Coincidentally, my friend had been meaning to try it too, it was meant to be!


The duo behind Jah Jah are Coralie Jouhier & Daqui Gomis and their Afro-vegan food endeavour has proved more and more successful with each new venture. Originally just a pop-up veggie hot dog cart catering for events, they eventually opened up Le Tricycle which solely serves their speciality vegetarian/vegan hot dogs plus a variety of sides and desserts.

This year, they launched Jah Jah in a bigger space located in the 10th arrondissement. At Jah Jah, besides their veggie hot dogs, there are also vegan hot bowls, soups of the day, vegan sushi rolls, sides of sweet potato fries, plantains, salads, desserts, homemade juices, and smoothies.

At Jah Jah the food is based on the Ital diet which originated from the Rastafarian religion in Jamaica. The word ‘Ital’ derives from the word vital sans the ‘v’ and the phrase ‘Ital is vital’ is commonly associated with this food regimen. Following an Ital diet promotes livity which consequently enhances the life force of God a.k.a Jah in every living being, animals included. These Rastafarian beliefs uphold that what’s put in one’s body should strengthen one’s livity instead of diminishing it.

So what IS an Ital diet after all? It mostly consists of a plant-based diet, anything that comes from the soils of Mother Nature is good to go, organic, and strictly no processed foods or ingredients.

Alright, now let’s get to Pinchables business! For starters, we ordered the Rolls cru avec sauce coco/cacahuète which are the vegan sushi rolls with a coconut cream and peanut sauce. I wasn’t a big fan of the rolls as the seaweed was quite soggy which ended up giving the roll a weird texture. The flavours weren’t that enticing either. We initially wanted to order their rave-worthy cauliflower wings in BBQ sauce, but they were out of those.

It does get better though! We also ordered a side of sweet potato fries and because the cauliflower wings weren’t available, we opted for the plantain instead. Both sides came with a small dipping bowl of the most delicious guacamole!! Oh my, I can tell you right now that my mouth still waters at the thought of those sweet, chunky plantain fries!! Simply JAH-MAY-ZING! And their guacamole with chimichurri sauce was goooooood — so good, there was not one lick to spare.

Of course, we had to get their infamous vegan hot dogs! Made out of soy and wheat, their beechwood smoked sausage actually tasted like a real hotdog without the usual greasiness. Nestled in a vegan brioche bun, it’s generously topped with fried onions, guacamole and coriander. We both loved our hotdogs, I can’t wait to head to Le Tricycle next time to try out their different hotdogs!

Both our drinks were sure-winners; I got the Jus de Bissap Fleurs d’Hibiscus (a juice made from dried hibiscus petals) and my friend ordered the Jus de Gingembre (gingerade). The hibiscus juice was subtle and refreshing, but I was really jealous of my friend once I had a sip of her gingerade… It had a jah-may-zing (sorry not sorry for my puns!) tangy kick to it. If you love ginger, this is for you!

To wrap it up, we shared their vegan strawberry cheesecake. It was light and just right. Raspberry and matcha cake, I’m coming for you next!

Our dinner came up to 40 something euros and considering it’s Paris, that’s a pretty sweet deal. Laidback, unpretentious with great food at affordable prices, I can’t really fault Jah Jah… Perhaps just their vegan rolls though ????


Can’t wait to return and get my Jah Jah fill again. Thanks for the jah-may-zing experience! ❤️✌????????

May The Pinchables Be With You,


Location: 11, rue des Petites Écuries, 75010, Paris, France.




Monday : 12pm – 5pm

Tuesday : CLOSED

Wednesday to Saturday : 12pm – 10:30pm

Sunday : 12pm – 4pm

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