France, Toulouse

La Fiancée

La Ville Rose, one of my favourite French cities. Dynamic, full of vibrant energy, a city that welcomes diversity and most importantly, home to many a good eatery.

Whenever I have friends visiting from out of town, La Fiancée never lets me down. A simple 5 minute walk away from the Place du Capitole, this café is the place to go.

The owner, having lived in Montreal for a number of years, speaks great English. Good humoured and equipped with an impeccable memory, he still remembers me whenever I drop by. Just to paint you a little picture of how it goes in this fine little establishment, the first time I was here with a friend, one of the staff joyfully sang the house down.

La Fiancée serves delicious coffee, chai tea, a small variety of unique, fresh juice concoctions and of course, scrumptious-get-in-my-belly-NOW-food!

Breakfast and brunch are served everyday, but the brunch service during the weekend is simply merveilleux. You must, I stress — MUST — make reservations in advance if you wish to experience their weekend brunch specials. This place is tiny and packed on weekends so if you don’t want to be turned away as many have been before, please call or kindly message La Fiancée on Facebook.

The weekend brunch service comes in five little courses with your choice of a coffee or tea plus one of their amazing juices! Portions are small but of high quality. Usually, the first three courses are savoury and the remaining two, sweet.

Last October, Jess paid me a cheeky little visit. Naturally, I brought her to La Fiancée! We weren’t able to make it for the weekend brunch so we settled for a lovely breakfast instead. Jess enjoyed the fluffiest pancakes served with a cloud of whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, strawberries, nuts and some good ol’ maple syrup.

I had the pleasure of having the croque monsieur; melted cheddar cheese and ham with a side of sautéed potatoes. As per usual, I also ordered a cuppa of beautiful chai tea and a fresh citronnade infused with mint. Their lemonades are soooooo good and they are always infused with fresh herbs like mint or basil!

Long story short, La Fiancée is the bomb diggity. Go. There. Nowwwwww.

Till our next meal together,





Tip: Must book in advance for the weekend brunch specials.

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