Biarritz, France

La Grappe à Fromages

1st December 2016

Cheese lovers – ahoy! If you love cheese, dream of eating nothing but cheese and then possibly ending it with even more cheese for dessert, then La Grappe à Fromages awaits you in all its cheesy glory!

Perched on one of Biarritz’s hilly streets, this tiny restaurant is about a 10 minute walk away from the town center.

La Grappe à Fromages doubles as a small restaurant and fromagerie where you can purchase a selection of handpicked local and international cheeses, artisanal yoghurt, local honey, and confiture alongside a wine list comprised mostly of independent winegrowers. They even have their very own cave à fromages!

Run by two lovely gentlemen whose passion for cheese is genuine, La Grappe à Fromage rewards patrons with heartfelt, laid-back service and their vast knowledge of cheese. Simply put, it’s just goudaaaaa 😛

Now, let’s get to the cheesy bits! How does it work at La Grappe à Fromages?

Depending on how mild or stinky you like your cheese, there are four options available:

Ardoise Harmonie (for those that want to dip their feet in cheese heaven, but who prefer not to stink while doing it)  — A platter of 4 mild cheeses that are paired with 4 corresponding wines.

Ardoise Maison (for the adventurous) — A platter of 4 stronger soft and hard cheeses paired with 4 corresponding wines.

Ardoise Exception (for the lovers of stinky cheese) — A platter of 4 intense cheeses paired with 4 corresponding wines.

Ardoise Découverte (for those who know what they want, dammit!) — A platter of 4 cheeses selected by yourself and paired with its corresponding wine or pick your own upon request.

Each ardoise (slate platter) comes served with a side of salad, toasty bread, walnuts, dried fruit and confiture (jam) which is paired with a specific cheese.

For my first time here, I opted for the Ardoise Maison seeing as it had comté and brie! The order of eating the cheeses was stressed from left to right – the cheeses start from mild and progress more intensely to the right of the platter.

I started with the Tommette de chèvre that was paired with the Bourgogne Aligoté 2013. Holy moly, topped off with the thyme confiture, it was as if I got punched in the mouth in the best way possible! Hands down, my favourite pairing of the platter.

Secondly, came the Comté 12 mois and vin d’Arbois. I wasn’t as impressed with the comté as I’ve had better. Alas, comté is comté and I had no qualms finishing it.

Thirdly, the luscious and creamy, Brie Fermier. Oh la la… this was one of my favourites. Unfortunately, I didn’t care much for the Bordeaux 2014 “Les Ormeaux” that was paired with it.

Lastly, the Bleu de Bonneval that was aptly paired with the sweet Jurançon Moelleux “Grappe d’Or” 2014. The Bleu de Bonneval gives a light savoury kick while the white wine confiture perfectly caps it off.

Once my cheese platter was done, I stuffed my face with bread to the point of no return. Next time, I’ll have to try the Ardoise Exception and be wary of the amount of bread I eat to save some space pour le dessert! 

Till our next meal together,







Tip : I’d highly recommend reserving a table at this popular little resto as it’s usually crowded with locals and tourists alike.

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