Anglet, France

Le Cèdre du Liban

I was so lucky to be introduced to this lil gem of a place. Firstly, if Jess was here, we would most probably order everything off the menu cos she LOVES Lebanese food. And Le Cèdre de Liban makes some KICK ASS Lebanese food!

Not only do all the flavours literally KA-POW in your mouth, everything smells ridiculously delicious too! Everything here is house-made except for the pita bread due to the fact that they don’t have a traditional oven. Don’t worry, that does nothing to hamper everything else!

You’re not going to come here to be blown away by the decor but I can assure you that all of your taste buds will go through some euphoric times!

The first time I came here, my boyfriend and I were the only ones in the restaurant; only to be joined by a party of three later on. Our second time here, the owners, a sweet husband and wife couple, were in the midst of preparing the restaurant for a small birthday party for their daughter. Despite that, they graciously welcomed us into the restaurant as we had about over an hour before the party would start.

On my first visit here, I had ordered the ‘Le Mezza’ menu which I had promptly posted on our Instagram feed… Oh boy. It was a heck of a lotta food only for a measly 19 euros. I kid you not, only order this for yourself if you are starving. Otherwise, sharing would be a great option! It basically consisted of an assortment of cold appetizers (taboulé salad, hummus, makdous, pickled stuffed eggplant, stuffed grape leaves, chickpea salad with black beans and tomatoes in a deliciously citrusy sauce), hot appetizers (kibbeh, also known as Lebanese beef croquettes, falafel and samboussek, a fried pastry stuffed with meat) AND 2 meat skewers on a bed of pilaf rice mixed with vermicelli. But of course on top of all of that, we had also ordered Kelleyge which is basically Lebanese cheese and tomatoes sandwiched between two toasty pieces of pita bread (the cheese was so fragrant!) and their chicken wings, homemade fries (they actually make my favourite kind of fries, potatoey and soft) and my boyfriend had his own meat skewer platter to conquer. It was safe to say, we definitely had some leftovers which they’ll happily wrap up for you.

On our most recent time here (yesterday 😆), we were smarter about over ordering and decided to not order a set meal. We really enjoy their Lebanese sparkling fruit drink called Kazouza, such a fun name hah. The lemon mint flavour tastes really minty and refreshing. And their local beer called Almaza, a nice pale lager, did a good job of washing down all our eats!

Their hummus is so fresh and delicious, we had to order that again. The taboulé is another great dish; the flavours and seasoning are so pronounced and well done.

Some new dishes that we ordered were the Ghangliché, their house cheese with tomatoes. It was a very light ricotta-like cheese that went fantastic with all the other appetizers. A new favourite that I discovered was the Moutabal extra, an eggplant puree with parsley and tomatoes. Oh boy, this dish was so creamy yet light! Had me lickin’ every last bit off my fork! So forking good 😁

Without a doubt, one of my favourite dishes here at Le Cèdre du Liban is their ‘ailes de poulet’ (chicken wings). If I could buy the sauce they marinate the chicken wings in tonnes, I would. The sauce is citrusy, garlicky and all sorts of D E L I C I O U S N E S S. I dip their homemade fries in this, the meat, heck I drip this sauce all over the pita with the hummus and taboulé. Simply LOVE this sauce! Everytime we get our leftovers packed, I always make sure to pour the rest of this sauce into our doggy bag — not a DROP to be wasted!!

We also ordered the lamb skewer which came with a big side of lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers on a bed of pilaf rice with vermicelli. Can you see how the meat is still pink in the middle? Ahhhhh the best!

As always, we leave with our lil doggy bag of leftovers. And I’m tellin’ ya, it tastes just as good at home.

The uber-friendly husband-wife duo at Le Cèdre du Liban also offers catering services and delivery after 7:30 pm to those that live in the B.A.B area (Biarritz, Anglet & Bayonne).


Honestly, there is not much to say other than head on over yourself to experience some KA-POW worthy moments for your taste buds. I can’t wait to go again and it’s just been yesterday 😂 When it’s this good, how can ya!

P.S They also speak English for you anglophones out there ✌🏼

Location: 9 Avenue du Prince de Galles, 64600, Anglet, France.




Monday – Sunday : 12pm to 3pm // 7pm to 10pm


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