Copenhagen, Denmark


26th December 2018

Leckerbaer is leckerBAE. Ok, terrible puns aside, this bakery is fantastic. My visit to Leckerbaer in Copenhagen perfectly proves why food research is very worth the time and effort (and why you should consult blogs like ours!).

When scouring through an outrageously long row of tabs on Chrome, Leckerbaer immediately caught my attention because the creations here are some of the most photogenic I’ve ever seen! Leckerbaer specializes in making “småkager” which means cookies in Danish, but I promise you that these are more than just cookies. By just looking at the pictures on Leckerbaer’s social media, I felt a bond with this place and I knew I’d love it. Moreover, the online reviews vouched for the quality and taste of the treats so it was a done deal: I HAD to visit Leckerbaer.

So why did my advance research pay off? The reasons are threefold.

  1. The location: Leckerbaer is located in the Østerbro district of Copenhagen, on a residential side street not at all near the main attractions of the city. The chances of you merely stumbling upon it are very – and I mean very – slim. You have to explicitly plan to go there and that’s exactly what my friend and I did. The same goes for Juno the Bakery, which you should also totally visit in Copenhagen!
  1. The opening hours: Having only three days in Copenhagen (Saturday to Monday), I had to have a solid game plan for food. Whenever I do my research, I always look for the opening hours so that I can plan when to visit and know when a place is closed. Well Leckerbaer is closed on Sundays and Mondays, which meant that the only day I could visit was on Saturday. As a result, I made sure to go to Leckerbaer on my Saturday in Copenhagen and I didn’t miss out on a memorable food experience!
  1. The food: And of course, the patisserie treats at Leckerbaer are stunning. Visually, they are small, delectable, beautifully crafted gems. The pastry chefs at Leckerbaer clearly pride themselves on the aesthetic of their creations as much as the taste. I mean, just look at the pictures – each treat is a mini work of art. Opening a selection box is like opening a glowing treasure chest of jewels. These treats are simply radiant.

My friend and I took a selection of 8 desserts (4 for each of us) to enjoy outdoors on a crisp but sunny Saturday in October. The flavours of gourmet treats included orange buckthorn cardamom, licorice and cherry, lemon white chocolate, raspberry glaze and jam, salted caramel chocolate choux, and a selection of cookies (chocolate chip, granola, double chocolate). I opted for passionfruit meringue, blackcurrant salted caramel, dark cocoa and vanilla (their version of an Oreo), and banana chocolate.

While I was already in awe of the artistry of the treats, the taste of each one impressed me even further…

  • Passionfruit meringue: a delightfully smooth cloud of meringue meringue on a rich and fruity passionfruit curd above a crunchy almond biscuit. This was nothing short of incredible.
  • Banana chocolate: A moist round of banana cake beaming with real banana flavour and topped with a decadent chocolate ganache. This was banana cake at its finest.
  • Dark cocoa and vanilla: This cookie sandwich was a million times better than a standard Oreo. The biscuits were equally soft and crunchy in texture, while the smooth vanilla cream complemented their rich cocoa flavour. Give me a box of these any day!
  • Blackcurrant salted caramel: This småkage was unlike any treat I’ve had before and I absolutely loved it. The cake roused and tickled my taste buds with a sophisticated blackcurrant flavour and a dollop of that salted caramel liquid gold. The saltiness of the caramel paired well with the sweetness of the blackcurrants. What an outstanding flavour!

Leckerbaer prepares 8 different småkager everyday. The range of flavours changes seasonally, but I can assure you that they will all dazzle your senses. You can take a few with a coffee, tea or hot chocolate in their café or you can take boxes away to share the love. Boxes are sold in three sizes: 8, 12 or 16 pieces, but you should definitely get one of every småkage just for yourself to experience the full range of vibrant flavours. I’m happy that my research led me to the elegant treats of Leckerbaer. If I ever return to Copenhagen (and I really hope I do), I will 100% be visiting Leckerbaer again; it’s a verified Pinchables all-star now!


  • Leckerbaer is closed on Sundays and Mondays.
  • Get as many småkager as you can.





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