Biarritz, France

L’Entre Deux

L’Entre Deux is located in the heart of Biarritz, yet its exterior is inconspicuous to the unwary. Heck, although walking by this little gem a thousand times I still never had the good sense to notice its unassuming grey signage ‘ED’. Let me tell you this: the food served at L’Entre Deux is utterly remarkable.

Sometime last year, I popped into L’Entre Deux wanting to have lunch by myself, but was unfortunately turned away… But even just for one person?! Oh yeah. You better make your reservations if you want to eat at this little establishment that seats about 30. Countless times here, so many have been turned away without reservations. Make that phone call or send that email!

Since then, I have eaten here about 3-4 times. Finally, this year on Bastille Day, I had my camera in tow ready for the blog and made sure to be seated by the bar — front row seats for the smooth operating assembly line that I’ve come to know L’Entre Deux for. 

I’ve been seated by the bar for most of my visits and from there, I’ve always noticed how zen and calm Chef Rèmy’s small kitchen was. Everyone plays their role in the kitchen with grace and most importantly with exact efficiency, from the sous chef to the pastry chef to the serving staff. I would describe the kitchen at L’Entre Deux to be the exact opposite of an episode of Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen: peaceful and methodical!

On this most recent visit here, my boyfriend and I opted for the 60 Euro tasting menu. Mind you, the tasting menu is only available when ordered by the whole party. It was the boyfriend’s first time here and I wasn’t sure if he was going to enjoy himself only for the fact that most fine dining places never really fill him up. I would say that the atmosphere at L’Entre Deux is more relaxed than most “fine dining” restaurants, but you best be on your best behaviour. 😋

We were brought an amuse bouche of thin strips of foie gras sandwiches. Boy were they tasty! The foie gras was velvety, creamy and the bread perfectly toasted. 

Next up, a verrine of chilled rock melon soup with small dices of green apples. I didn’t get a good shot of this, but I can assure you it was refreshingly delicious!

Upon seeing this little number on the entrée menu, we asked if it was possible to get the ‘tartare daurade’/sea bream tartare as one of our dishes and they kindly obliged. Sweet diced up sea bream with tart green apples and spiralized cucumber. I must say the dollop of whipped dill cream really brought all the flavours together wonderfully, every last drop of sauce was soaked up with their soft bread on the side. Sweet beginnings!

A little while after, a handsome dish of codfish arranged on an heirloom tomato and yellow and green zucchini was laid before us. I can tell you this, they sure know how to cook fish at L’Entre Deux. With a slight push of a fork, a piece of cod slides off just like that. Inside each zucchini was some basil pesto and it was creamy heaven! 

Our main was a duckling filet with black olive tapenade coated on its outer crust of fat on a bed of carrot purée, girolle mushrooms and green beans delicately cooked in a buttery sauce. A plate of mashed potato dished in pretty waves was served as an accompaniment as well. Can you see how perfectly the duckling was cooked?? Holy eff this was one good dish. 

As for dessert, we were given two different types of desserts to share. We had a pistachio cake with red fruit sorbet, fresh strawberries and raspberries AND a sublime chocolate mousse with cardamom milk ice cream on a salted biscuit base.

My boyfriend and I were both delighted that we each preferred different desserts and didn’t have to share haha! He liked the pistachio cake while I adored the chocolate mousse! Usually, I’m not a fan of many chocolate desserts as they tend to be cloyingly sweet, but this was nothing of the sort. The cardamom ice cream was so luscious and sublime and alongside the subtlety of the chocolate mousse, it almost tasted like a really good chocolate chai tea dessert. This was one badass dessert, hats off to the pastry chef!

I must say I was really impressed with every dish that we had. Even the boyfriend gave a nod of approval. That’s saying a lot from a guy that isn’t into fine dining/gastronomical cuisine! It was a 10/10, guys. 

If there’s one place in Biarritz you should eat at, this has got to be one of them! Just make sure to book your reservations in advance. 😉

Location: 5, Avenue Foch, 64200 BIARRITZ




Hours: Summer hours July – August 2018

  • Lunch service: Friday & Saturday: 12:15pm – 1:30pm
  • Dinner service: Tuesday to Saturday: 7:30pm – 9:30pm


  • Call ahead or make reservations on their website. You will most likely be turned away without a reservation.


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