Bayonne, France


18th August 2017

This past June, I discovered the ingenious Maitena Erguy at the Poteo cooking event in Biarritz. The co-owner and pastry chef behind Mokofin, she baked us foodie folk a sublime macaron/meringue base of rhubarb and strawberries topped with a white chocolate ganache, sweetened Begonia flower petals, strawberry crunchy bits, and lime zest. Ohhhh, how it was divine!

Based on that one dessert, I knew a visit to Mokofin was in order! Mokofin is Basque for ‘fine bouche’, a person that possesses a refined palate.

After Maitena Erguy spent a good decade in Paris honing her pastry skills with reputable pastry chefs, she returned home to Bayonne to launch her very own pâtisserie, Mokofin, with her sister, Joëlle Erguy. Today, Mokofin is not only a pastry shop, but it also welcomes les gourmandes to their little tea salon for breakfast, lunch, and goûter. Their catering services offer various dishes, cakes, and canapés which seem to be steadily sought out by the locals as a good number of clients came in to confirm their event orders while I had lunch.

Mokofin is located directly across from Galeries Lafayette; it’s not a showy or flashy looking bakery so it would be easy to miss Mokofin if you weren’t paying attention (silly ol’ me has managed to miss this little gem of a pâtisserie for the past year… Shame on me!).

The front of the bakery is run efficiently by Maitena’s sister, Joëlle Erguy and two other waitresses and there are about 8-9 small tables inside.

Having arrived a little before noon, there were only about two other tables seated. I zoomed in on the tarts and went with the savoury tart drizzled with a balsamic vinegar reduction on Saint Marcelin cheese, sliced tomatoes, and zucchini on a light and perfect tart base.

Not pictured, I also ordered their quinoa salad with chicken. They had about three different salads, some wraps, and another tarte fine with jambon instead of cheese.

What about this thé glacé? I opted for the Rooibos iced tea with fruits rouges et fruits exotiques that came with a delicious little skewer of pillowy marshmallows and strawberries! Why would you serve marshmallows with your iced tea? It doesn’t matter! They were definitely artisanal and the BEST marshmallows I’ve ever had in LIFE. Another detail I really appreciated was the use of the same iced tea as ice cubes. ????????

Once I polished off my two savoury plates, it was time to nourish my sweet tooth! One is tremendously spoiled for choice at Mokofin when it comes to dessert. SO. MUCH. SO. LITTLE. SPACE. IN. MAH. BELLY.

Somehow, I was able to make up my mind pretty quickly and ordered a slice of Bogota. It was a devilishly good looking cake topped with caramelized popcorn, layers of coffee mousse, tonka bean cream, chocolate ganache, coffee flavoured financier biscuit, and crispy crumble bits for the base.

Maitena Erguy knows what’s goooooood. Her cakes aren’t too sweet, she’s not trying to hide anything. You can truly taste the different melody of ingredients without being overpowered by sugar.

As I said before in my Poteo post, Maitena slays. All she needs now is Dracarys* ????????????????

May The Pinchables Be With You,


Location: 27 Rue Thiers, 64100 Bayonne, France




  • Monday: CLOSED
  • Tuesday to Saturday: 8:30am – 7:30pm
  • Sunday: 8am – 1pm

*Game of Thrones reference ????

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