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Nord Coast Coffee Roastery

When I travel, I often want to hit two birds with one stone: good coffee and good food. In Hamburg’s city centre, Nord Coast is the place.

As I did my food research, I learned that Hamburg has a plenitude of well-regarded eateries in the neighbourhoods surrounding the city centre (ÆNDRÈ being one of them), but not many were located in the downtown core. The only centrally-located place to make it to my food list was Nord Coast and I enjoyed it so much I went twice.

Coffee filters on counter inside Nord Coast

Nord Coast knows coffee, skillfully preparing each cup, whether you like an espresso, a cappuccino or a filter coffee. Watching the coffee process as I waited for my order, it was clear that the baristas pride themselves on making quality coffee. With beans from Guatemala, Honduras, and Kenya (to name a few), the coffee menu holds a variety of tasting notes. Nord Coast also sells bags of coffee beans in store should you wish to bring the flavours home.

Waffles with fruit, maple syrup, and lime mascarpone cream

Thankfully, the coffee is accompanied by a delectable breakfast and lunch menu. You can choose from açai bowls, a veggie hummus bowl, banana bread pancakes, homemade granola, scrambled eggs on sourdough, and poached eggs on avocado bread. Then there’s the waffle menu with toppings like fruits and maple syrup, homemade caramel sauce, homemade apple basil compote, Nutella, and lime mascarpone cream. At lunch time, sandwiches and paninis are served too.

Waffles with fruit, maple syrup, and lime mascarpone creamChalkboard sign with text "Soup of the day: Coffee"Cappuccino on a saucerFor my first breakfast in Hamburg, I ordered the waffle with lime mascarpone cream because I loved the sound of those flavours coming together… and oh what a treat it was! The dish was a hearty portion and the waffle was cooked with the right amount of crisp. The topping of fruit and the side pot of maple syrup were lovely (waffles always need maple syrup), but the lime mascarpone completely stole the show. I loved it and I forever want to dip fruit in it. I’m going to have to try concocting this beautiful cream at home sometime because it is just too damn good. I strongly recommend this dish!

Waffles with fruit, maple syrup, and lime mascarpone creamDining room with tables and book shelves

I arrived around 9:15am and it was easy enough to get a table. Between 9am and 10am, the café is moderately busy, but calm enough to not feel overwhelming. However, Nord Coast is definitely popular any day of the week. After 10am, it began to fill up quickly and when I returned later in the week for a lunch time visit, there was a line up and a 15-20 minute wait. With the café full to the brim, I noticed that the customer service was significantly slower than when I previously visited for breakfast.

Scrambled eggs on soutrdough bread

For my lunch visit, I ordered the scrambled eggs with porcini butter, turmeric chili cream, and parmesan on sourdough bread. This was a tasty savoury dish with a nice combination of flavours, but I have to say that the waffle still wins over it. I’ll blatantly admit my bias toward the lime mascarpone cream!

Ultimately, Nord Coast is a solid choice for your breakfast and lunch needs while visiting Hamburg. Located in the city center within walking distance of the Rathaus, Nord Coast is well placed to fuel you before your German explorations.


  • Go early to quickly get a table and to avoid a wait.
  • Service slows down during peak times. The early bird gets the calm worm.
  • Absolutely order the waffles with lime mascarpone cream.




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