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16th September 2017

*Update: now under new management as Potbelly, but the food looks just as good!*

I don’t typically write a full blog post about a single dish. Normally, I like to try a place more than once (though this isn’t always possible when travelling) and I like to try a variety of plates to develop a well-rounded opinion. However, today I’m making an exception for Potluck in Glasgow.

As of late, I noticed that Potluck was getting a lot of attention for its food, but more specifically its hot cakes. And let me tell you, I LOVE hot cakes. I seriously do. Need proof? Look here, here, and here.

Potluck, Glasgow - Hot Cakes Menu

The pictures of Potluck’s hot cakes certainly caught my eye and I knew I had to try them out myself. I recently decided to go to Glasgow for a foodie day and Potluck was my first stop. I arrived on a Friday at around 10:20am and the place was already packed! Good food news travels fast! One of the staff kindly offered to clear some bar space for me and she promptly brought me a jug of water and the menu. While SO MUCH on the menu sounded incredibly appealing to me, I was on a hot cake mission and I quickly decided on the pistachio peach hot cakes.

It wasn’t long before a beautiful plate was presented to me and I instantly knew that I had made the right choice. I mean, look at the pictures. Is that not a gorgeous breakfast dish?!

Potluck, Glasgow - Pistachio Peach Hot Cakes

The pistachio peach hot cakes are served with roasted peaches, pistachios, orange blossom honey, peach kulfi, rose, and pashmak. Every element of this dish was fantastic! First, let’s start with the hot cakes: they were fluffy, light, and not overwhelmingly sweet a.k.a. everything you want in a pancake! Potluck have perfected their hot cake recipe and I was all too happy to reap the benefits of their hard work.

Potluck, Glasgow - Roasted Peaches

Next, the roasted peaches, oh those roasted peaches. They were fragrant, soft, and sweet – a very welcome hint of summer on a September morning in Glasgow. Not to mention that the peaches added a bright splash of colour and fruity flavour to the plate. The hot cakes and peaches were sprinkled with crushed pistachios and edible rose petals. I don’t normally opt for floral flavoured foods (like rose or violet), but I really enjoyed the subtle taste of the rose petals and I felt that they complemented the peaches and pistachios really well.

Potluck, Glasgow - Pashmak Fairy Floss

Now you may be wondering about that cloud of sugary goodness on top of the hot cakes. This is pashmak – also called “fairy floss” – and it’s a Persian take on cotton candy. The texture is similar to cotton candy, though it was more stringy than puffy. Not only did it create an interesting aesthetic on the dish, but the sweetness of the pashmak seamlessly joined forces with the peaches and the hot cakes.

Potluck, Glasgow - Peach kulfi

A particular highlight for me was the scoop of peach kulfi (a frozen dairy dessert). It was like the reliable sidekick in an adventure film who always has the protagonist’s back (in this analogy, the protagonist is the hot cakes). The kulfi was creamy, flavourful, and refreshing. I loved scooping it onto my hot cake bites for the burst of peachy flavour. FYI: I would put this on ALL my pancakes ALL the time! I could also eat it by the pint! Lastly, the orange blossom honey – which was reminiscent of baklava – added an extra dose of flavour without overpowering the other elements of the dish. I normally eat hot cakes with maple syrup; however, the orange blossom honey was so good that maple syrup wasn’t needed at all. A very rare scenario!

Potluck, Glasgow - Vertical Hot CakesPotluck, Glasgow - Street Sign Potluck, Glasgow - Hot Cakes on CounterI’ve somehow managed to write nearly 400 words about these hot cakes alone, which should indicate just how much I loved them. The dish was visually appealing, it was flavourful, it wasn’t too sweet, and it was a fair portion size. I would love to work my way through their entire menu, but the hot cakes are so good that it would be hard to betray them! The hot cakes with lemon curd, blueberries, ricotta and lemon balm would be my next dish of choice. I bet they’re just as heavenly!

On top of all this, the staff are friendly and efficient, the music is comforting, and the entire café welcomes you in with chill, cozy vibes. I left Potluck feeling relaxed and content and I would 100% return. Considering it has only been open a mere 4 months, they are already slaying the Glasgow food scene. Potluck is a bonafide Pinchables hit and Glasgow is (pot)lucky to have it!




  • The café is small (it seats about 14 inside plus a table for 6 outside) so get there early on weekends.
  • Take the train from Glasgow Central Station to Queen’s Park (costs £2.00). Potluck is a short 5 minute walk from the station.


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