Berlin, Germany

Princess Cheesecake

30th May 2017

If – like me – you have a relentless sweet tooth, then you prioritize stops for cake and dessert when you travel. Let’s say you’re in Berlin seeing the sights and eating all the foods. Your sweet cravings have already led you to Zeit für Brot for fresh cinnamon buns and Brammibal’s Donuts for delectable vegan donuts. Where do you go next? Princess Cheesecake, that’s where.

Princess Cheesecake specializes in – you guessed it – cheesecake. On any given day, they’ll have a selection of beautifully decorated cakes to tempt your appetite into a high-calorie coma. The cheesecake variety changes regularly, but you can expect flavours like passionfruit, caramel, chocolate, and lemon curd. The New York style cheesecake and the classic German cheesecake are a hit here as well. The cheesecake comes served by the slice or in small, round individual portions.

Princess Cheesecake - Apple Mascarpone Cake Princess Cheesecake - Shop FrontPrincess Cheesecake - Caramel Cheesecake

I visited Princess Cheesecake with a friend, who thankfully kept up with my rampant eating. The interior of the café is bright, sleek, and simple. There are a handful of tables inside and outside, which fill up in the late afternoon when locals and visitors are craving a sugar hit to refuel them on their journey. The display counter is a cake lover’s dream and it’s genuinely hard to pick just one flavour. This is why you travel with friends – so that you can share your choices! I really should write a list of my top 10 food strategies!

Princess Cheesecake - Round Cheesecakes

To my surprise, there was a pumpkin pie at the café on the day of my visit. To remind you, I’m a pumpkin fiend! I love everything pumpkin (I was thrilled to find a pumpkin spice donut at Brammibal’s during the very same trip to Berlin!). Of course, I was SO tempted to get a slice of the pumpkin pie, but I felt that I should probably try one of their signature cakes. I opted for the “Rice Me Up” – a mascarpone and rice-based panna cotta cake topped with softened apples. I’d never had a cake quite like it before. The filling was soft and not too sweet, which complemented the autumnal cinnamon-spiced apple chunks above.

Princess Cheesecake - Apple Mascarpone Cake

My friend ordered the caramel cheesecake and it was divine. She kindly let me have some (love you, Maria!). It was everything you want in a cheesecake – sweet, rich, cream cheesy goodness. The layer of caramel on the top was a smooth treat and it made me question why we don’t put caramel on more things in this world! Seriously, we should think in caramel terms. Having fruit salad for breakfast? Drizzle some caramel on it. Peanut butter and banana sandwich? Dip that shizz in caramel. You see where I’m going with this? Let’s work on making this a reality, my foodie friends.

Princess Cheesecake - Caramel Cheesecake

Although I liked both cakes, in hindsight I’m totally kicking myself for not trying the pumpkin pie. WHEN WILL I LEARN? I should have just yolo’d and gotten the pumpkin pie as well as the other 2 slices! Now I may never know just how good it was (and I have a sneaking suspicion that it was pretty damn good). My lifelong resolution now is to avoid making these grave errors entirely!

Princess Cheesecake - Table Flowers and Tea Pot

So if you’re looking for a place to stop in the Mitte area of Berlin, Princess Cheesecake is a good choice. Enjoy a slice of hand-crafted cake with a pot of one of the many loose leaf teas available. Go on, let your sweet tooth win this battle. And if you see the pumpkin pie, for the love of pumpkin aficionados everywhere, GET IT!




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