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2nd May 2017

When you think of seafood, what comes to mind? Oysters chilling in a sea of crushed ice? A freshly grilled filet of salmon? Perhaps a plate of crab legs waiting to be cracked open? Or maybe you’re picturing a boiled lobster glaring at you from behind its pincers?

As succulent and mouth-watering as all of these foods are, I bet you didn’t picture anything on ShrimpWreck’s menu. My dear lovers of aquatic creatures, this post aims to change your perceptions of seafood by introducing you to ShrimpWreck, a street-food venture with an ever-increasing presence in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Their food is fresh, flavourful, and absolutely delicious. Take it from me, I’ve tried everything on their menu! And lucky for you, I’m here to take you through each dish!

The Shrimp Bun

ShrimpWreck - Shrimp BunShrimpWreck - Shrimp Bun

The Shrimp Bun is ShrimpWreck’s masterpiece. It’s what brings the boys to the yard. Tempura prawns are served in a brioche bun with bacon, red onion, pickles, samphire, and lemon mayo. I instantly fell in love with the flavour combination here. Absolutely everything about this bun is a home run, from the crispiness of the chunky shrimp to the balance of sweet pickles and lightly tangy lemon mayo. I actually want to run out right now to get one of these! Add a side of sweet potato fries and you’ve got yourself a damn good meal!

The Fish Taco

ShrimpWreck - Fish Taco

The Fish Taco is a colourful concoction of grilled cajun haddock, mango and lime salsa, pickled slaw, and chipotle mayo in a tortilla shell. Once again, ShrimpWreck have paired vibrant flavours that come together for a memorable eating experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the taco and might have even made a mess while eating it. Let’s just say that I got juice from the pickled slaw all the way down my right arm. If you don’t get messy, are you even eating it correctly? The grilled cajun haddock chunks are the real show stealers here though. They could sell just the cajun haddock with a hearty drizzle of chipotle mayo and I’d be ALL over that.

The Fish Finger Sarnie

ShrimpWreck - Fish Finger Sarnie ShrimpWreck - Fish Finger Sarnie

Say goodbye to regular fish and chips, and say hello to the Fish Finger Sarnie instead. It’s a bioche bun filled with tempura haddock, rocket, lemon juice, and tartar sauce. Be prepared for a pretty giant piece of haddock too. It hardly fits under the bun! By the way, brioche buns are where it’s at! We should deal exclusively in brioche buns from now on.

The Cajun Squid

ShrimpWreck - Cajun SquidShrimpWreck - Cajun Squid

As a side dish to any of the above options, you can get a portion of cajun squid. The crispy seasoned chunks of squid are served with a little pot of sweet chilli mayo to keep your taste buds entertained. If you’re gonna go to ShrimpWreck, you might as well go all out and fishify your life.

And there you have it – a visual and textual account of all the reasons why you should visit ShrimpWreck! Now get out there and stuff your faces with all this goodness! As a street food venture, ShrimpWreck is always on the move. They have featured at events like The Pitt Market, The Food and Flea Market, Taste Buchanan, and Big Feed Glasgow. To keep up to date on where you can grab the grub, follow their social media accounts via the links below. Happy seafood explorations, mateys!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shrimpwreck/

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/shrimpwreck/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/shrimpwreck


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