Berlin, Germany

Silo Coffee

28th November 2016

Sometimes all it takes is one meal to fall in love with a place… And this was the case with Silo Coffee. Having read positive reviews about the café, I planned to go there for my first breakfast in Berlin – even if it meant walking 30 minutes out of the way. But sometimes (nay, often), I’m full of good decisions and this was one of them!

First of all, THE COFFEE. This place knows coffee and they do it well. My cappuccino was perfection: beautifully smooth, rich in flavour, and topped with silky, frothy milk. I had a moment with the first sips of this coffee. Yes, I have moments with coffee and food.

Next up, THE MENU. While waiting for my coffee, I was experiencing a fierce internal debate about what to order. Should I go for the pancakes with mixed berries, mascarpone and maple syrup? I bloody love pancakes and the Canadian in me can’t resist the lure of maple syrup. Or should I go for the avocado on toast with hummus, homemade cherry tomato jam and salad? That combination does sound stellar. But then there’s also the signature dish called “The Silo” with two organic poached eggs served on toast with herby avocado mash, bacon, and marinated feta. WHAT DO I DO? I CAN’T DECIDE. HELP MEEEEEEEE. So I asked the waiter to be the final arbitrator and he confidently suggested “The Silo”. And so his will was done.

I have spent many a sleepless night thinking about “The Silo” because it has left a significant imprint on my appetite. Every part of the dish was fantastic – the runny yolk of the poached eggs cascaded onto the bread, which boasted a crunchy exterior and a soft yet stable interior that could handle the stack of avocado, egg, and feta sitting above. Speaking of the creamy avocado and marinated feta, they wonderfully complemented the salty crunch of the bacon. And speaking of the bacon, ugh, that sexy, sexy bacon. It was a show stopper. A game changer. The crisp on the bacon was unreal. UNREAL I SAY. I don’t know how they made the bacon this amazing, but I’d sacrifice my cholesterol levels to consume it on a regular basis. It was THAT good. I can’t even say that I’ve had bacon like it before. These guys nailed it.

If I weren’t already planning on exploring the Turkish Market immediately after breakfast, I’d have promptly added a side order of bacon to my bill. In hindsight, perhaps I should’ve thrown caution to the winds and just gone for it! Instead, I’ll have to live vicariously through you if you are lucky enough to find yourself at Silo Coffee in the near future.

Silo Coffee was a win-win-win experience with lovely coffee, lovely food, and a lovely atmosphere. Although I’m SO happy to have visited Silo Coffee, I’m simultaneously sad that I didn’t have time to return for a second visit. If I lived in Berlin, I would wholeheartedly make my way through their glorious menu. It would also mean that I could put much less pressure on their staff to make such crucial food decisions on my behalf. But for now, thank you waiter at Silo Coffee for recommending the poached eggs and bacon. You the man.






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