Berlin, Germany

Street Food Thursday, Markthalle Neun

9th March 2017

If you’re planning a trip to Berlin, BE THERE ON A THURSDAY NIGHT. Why? Because Street Food Thursday at Markthalle Neun in Kreuezberg only happens on Thursdays! If you love street food, if you love stuffing your face, and if you love supporting local food artisans, then this is THE PLACE to be. When I read about Street Food Thursday (SFT) before my trip to Berlin, I knew that I had to go and I’m so very glad that I did.

Street Food Thursday is an indoor market so the weather can’t get in your way. Bonus! This weekly celebration of street food is extremely popular in Berlin, as was evident by the many people roaming the food stalls. There wasn’t a free table in sight!

When I walked in to Markthalle Neun, I was SO excited. I was like a giddy little school girl excited to explore! There was such a huge array of food vendors that I didn’t know where to begin! At a place like this, my strategy tends to be to do a quick tour of the whole place, eye up and take note of stalls that interest me, then begin eating my way through them. The vendors at SFT change regularly, but on my visit the savoury options included: burgers, hot smoked meats, bratwurst, Asian dumplings, Moroccan tajine, vegan sandwiches, meatballs, bao buns, tacos, Spanish tapas, Mexican carnitas, mini calzones, and of course beer and cocktails. The sweet treats were not to be ignored, with cake, filled crepes, ice cream, cookies, and Italian cannoli on offer.

Here’s an account of what I opted for during my visit. I assure you it was hard to choose just these!

  1. Pelmeni Slam: Russian dumplings made my hand. The choices were mushroom & chestnut or pumpkin. PUMPKIN! Obviously, I opted for the pumpkin pelmeni with ginger sour cream, caramelized pumpkin seeds, and champagne vinegar. A beautiful combination of flavours and the dumplings were delightfully soft. A fantastic start to the night!


  1. Berlin Beef-Balls: I simply couldn’t pass by this stall without getting some meatballs. They looked so inviting! And what’s more, there were 4 flavours to choose from, each based on a place.
  • Berlin: the typical German with onion, mustard, and fresh parsley.
  • Bologna: tomato, fresh basil, garlic, oregano, thyme, and rosemary.
  • Bangalore: cayenne, cumin, pimiento, clove, coriander, and cinnamon.
  • Bangkok: fresh lemongrass, cilantro, ginger, and chili.

You could get any combination of flavours that you wanted. I had to get one of each and after eating them, I sincerely didn’t know which one was my favourite. All of them were extremely delicious and what I loved most is that each one genuinely represented their name city in flavour. So very well done! These meatballs were definitely a highlight of the night!


  1. Tapiocaria: Brazilian and gluten-free tapioca crepes with sweet and savoury filling options available. I was intrigued by this stall because I had never seen a tapioca crepe before. I chose the “tapioca de frango” which was filled with pulled chicken, cheese, arugula, and basil olive oil.

  1. Aunt Benny Cakes: This dessert stop specializes in gourmet cakes. They had vanilla birthday cake, cheesecake, and carrot ginger cake with ginger cream cheese frosting. All 3 options looked great, but I decided on the carrot ginger cake and it was fantastic! It was moist and flavourful with a sweet icing. A perfect way to end a night of eating! Aunty Benny also has a full café/restaurant in Berlin, which based on the high quality of this carrot cake, is probably worth visiting.


So it’s easy to see why you should visit Markthalle Neun for Street Food Thursdays! It opens from 5pm to 10pm and it’s guaranteed happiness!




Address: Eisenbahnstrasse 42, 10997, Berlin, Germany

Opening times: Thursdays 17:00-22:00


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