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The Roamin’ Nose: Pasta Night

25th November 2016
*The Roamin’ Nose is now closed, but still remains one of my favourite ever restaurants*

On the last Thursday of every month, The Roamin’ Nose does something really special: they open their doors for an exclusive pasta extravaganza. It’s exclusive because a reservation is required and it’s an extravaganza because it’s a spectacular demonstration of Italy’s quintessential staple food.

They call it “Pasta! Pasta!! Pasta!!! Night” because – as you can imagine – it’s a fierce ode to the carb we all love. And it only makes sense for an Italian bistro as refined as The Roamin’ Nose to be the one to march a pasta parade through town.

The Pasta Night is a set menu event. Upon entry, you’re welcomed with a flute of prosecco and a sharing board of bread, olives, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, chutney, roasted peppers, and parma ham. With the holiday season just around the corner, the sharing board also treated us to soft chestnuts. So far, so good!

Now it was time for the main event: three courses of pasta. At Pasta Night, diners are treated to – in no particular order – a meat, a fish, and a veggie pasta dish. The best of all worlds! Each pasta dish is made with care and more importantly, the pasta is authentic and homemade.

The three pasta courses change each month; however, they are undoubtedly bound to be delicious. On a particularly chilly November night, my three pasta dishes were nothing short of fantastic. I honestly don’t know which dish I liked best: they were all THAT good!

Round 1: Homemade pumpkin gnocchi served over pea purée with walnuts, fresh chilli, crispy cavolo nero & baked Pecorino Romano

I need this dish in my life on a weekly basis. I’m a self-proclaimed pumpkin lover and I was SO glad to find out that pumpkin featured on the menu. The gnocchi were perfect little puffs sitting on a sweet layer of green pea purée. And the baked pecorino. THE BAKED PECORINO. Salty, crunchy, cheesy… I would buy that stuff by the bag! Nay, I’d buy it by the kilogram!

Round 2: Homemade orecchiette with guanciale sardo, Romanesco broccoli & Gorgonzola

There really is nothing like fresh, homemade pasta. The hand crafted orecchiette were divine: impeccably soft with a light, chewy bite. I’d never had guanciale sardo before (cured pork cheek), but it was a lovely companion for the crumbled chunks of Gorgonzola cheese.

Round 3: Spaghetti with lobster, globe artichoke & bottarga

I can’t think of how this dish could have been any better. When I reflect on the combination of lobster, artichokes, and salted fish on a bed of silky, buttery spaghetti, I think of a mustached Italian chef kissing his thumb and index finger and sending a big ol’ “muah” into the world because he’s outdone even himself.

Optional Round 4: Dessert

And of course, the night wouldn’t be complete without something sweet to seal the deal. I’ve previously raved about the tiramisu at The Roamin’ Nose and you bet your asses I indulged in a bowl of this light and airy dessert for the umpteenth time. To be completely honest, I could eat a salad bowl sized portion of this tiramisu. No lies.

So the moral of this post is this: book yourself in to an upcoming Pasta Night at The Roamin’ Nose and get your pasta on!

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