Berlin, Germany

Turkish Market

13th January 2017

Local food markets are a requisite on my travel itineraries, and luckily for me, Berlin has plenty of markets. In the German capital, Tuesdays and Fridays are Turkish Market day so obviously I had to go.

After indulging in a fantastic Tuesday morning breakfast at Silo Coffee, I decided to burn off some calories by walking through Kreuzberg to the Landwehr Canal. Along the banks of the canal, the Turkish Market (Türkenmarkt) has a home.

Running parallel to the canal, the temporary tent city invites visitors to browse food, fabric, and jewellery stalls. It’s no surprise that I gravitated toward the food vendors and I’ll assure you that there were many: fresh fruit and vegetables, bread and sweets, olives, dips and spreads, cheese, meat, fish, jalapeño borek, nuts, dried fruit, cakes, and coffee a.k.a. Mediterranean foodie heaven! Living near this market would be a dream! Side note: I’m convinced that I was Turkish in a previous life (just a hunch I got when travelling through Turkey!).

Although there weren’t too many hot food stalls, one of them looked particularly appetising with a colourful array of Turkish stews from Mama’s Food Manufactur. If I weren’t already SO full, I’d have definitely tried one of them! Instead, I settled for a square of gözleme – a Turkish flatbread traditionally stuffed with spinach and feta – from a nearby stall called Chez Su. Delicious, affordable (under €2!), and tasty. Get it.

I washed it down with a cup of fresh apple mint ginger iced tea from Apfel On Tour. I could drink this allllll day. ALL. DAY. The flavour proportions were perfectly balanced and it was incredibly refreshing. Get it. The small juice bar on wheels also sold fresh ginger shots (which are totally all the rave now), hot apple punch, and apple ginger ale. Healthier alternatives to coffee when you’ve been stuffing your face? Yes please.

Browsing the stalls while taking in the colours, scents, and sounds of the market was therapeutic. You can easily spend an hour perusing and eating to your heart’s content. I only regret that I couldn’t indulge further in all of the goods! But perhaps it was for the best because as I was leaving the market, I stumbled upon one of my best and most unexpected Berlin food finds. Intrigued? More to come in the next post

Market address: Maybachufer, 10999 Berlin

Hours: Tuesdays & Fridays 11:00 – 18:30

Tip: Go early to beat the crowds.

Public transportation:

  • Ubahn 8 to Schönleinstrasse Station. Walk north toward Maybachufer Strasse.
  • Ubahn 7 to Kottbusser Tor Station. Walk south toward Maybachufer Strasse.


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