Berlin, Germany

Zeit Für Brot

7th January 2017

Although I only spent 4 days in Berlin, I went to Zeit Für Brot twice. TWICE! The cinnamon buns were THAT good.

I read about this bakery online and knew I had to visit. The lure of fresh cinnamon buns is difficult to resist, I’m sure you can understand. I knew I was in for a special treat as soon as I entered this bakery heaven. Picture this scene: as you walk in, you are instantly greeted by a delectable front counter of cinnamon buns and a back wall adorned with loaves of bread. To the left of the cinnamon buns, there is a selection of colourful sandwiches, loaded focaccia squares, and muesli bowls. To the right of the cinnamon buns, there are streusel cakes, butter croissants, and pretzel croissants. It’s carb city and you’ve just moved in.

On the day of my visit, the range of cinnamon bun flavours included: classic cinnamon, chocolate, maple pecan, apple cinnamon, marzipan cinnamon, and cherry white chocolate. Like, seriously, how are you supposed to choose just one of those? Since I had just indulged in a homemade mushroom soup and a bratwurst at a local market, I only had room for one baked good. FML, right? So I had to choose wisely and I fell back on my strategy of asking the staff for their pick. The woman behind the counter recommended the apple cinnamon bun, which I paired with a chai latte.

The place was busy, but I managed to find a table. After a little cinnamon bun photo shoot (yes, I got some stares), I took my first bite… MIND BLOWN. The cinnamon bun tasted as good as it looked: the bun was rich, buttery, and incredibly soft with a healthy dose of cinnamon. Now this is what a cinnamon bun should taste like! I couldn’t get over how fresh and flavourful it was. I already wished I could demolish another. Perhaps tomorrow… nay, DEFINITELY TOMORROW!

The following day I met up with my friend Maria to explore Berlin further and I proposed a cinnamon bun excursion. Thankfully, she was game. Might’ve had to ditch her otherwise. We both got chocolate cinnamon buns and they were promptly devoured. Maria agreed that it was a fine specimen of cinnamon bun artistry.

As a bonus, the bakery has an open kitchen with a window through which you can watch the bakers immersed in their craft. Zeit Für Brot means “time for bread” in German, but really it should be called “time for cinnamon buns” because they are the showstoppers here. I’m so very jealous of the people who live near Zeit Für Brot. They are #soblessed. I only wished I had a big enough appetite to try their savoury offerings, but something tells me that they’d be pretty damn good.

You MUST add this place to your Berlin itinerary and if you go twice, know that I’m (a) green with envy, and (b) beaming with pride. OWN THOSE PINCHABLES!





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